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How can you do background blur in skype, learn step by step process


  • Background blur feature during a video call on Skype
  • Learn step by step process of activating
  • Available for iOS as well as desktop users

Skype is releasing a new update for users, which includes the background blur feature during a video call on Skype for all Android users. See step by step process to activate it here.

new Delhi. Skype is releasing a new update for users, which includes the background blur feature during a video call on Skype for Android users. At the same time, this background feature will be available for iOS as well as desktop users. Currently, Skype 8.68 update is available for Android users. When you just want to focus on yourself, you can customize the blur during the video call. When you do not have the right place to attend a meeting or join an online class, then the background blur feature is more useful at that time. If you do not want to see the bad background behind during the meeting with a video call, then you can activate this blur effect feature.

Earlier this feature was only for limited users, but with new updates it has become available to all. Android users can now avail this feature fiercely. It is important to note that Microsoft is also working on new features for Skype apart from Android. At the same time, there will be some other changes in Skype for iPhone and iPad users. Yazooras will include the Dark Theme and other features in the latest version 8.68. How to update background during skype video call

During the call go to the video button or click on the More menu.
Click on the Chuj background effect.
You can blur the place where you are, as if you are in a room, you can blur it. You can add pre-defined photos to it, then include previously used photos and in addition add new photos to customize the background. To view this photo category beforehand, select the More menu inside the Chuj category.
Photos are used in landscape and for custom photos, it is necessary to save them on your desktop beforehand.

How to blur background in Windows, Mac and Linux for all video calls in Skype.
Click on your profile photo.
Click the Settings button and then click the Audio and Video button.
In the Chuj background effect, you can blur the background of the place in which you are. You can add previously used photos or add new photos to customize your background. Click the More menu under the Choose Background effect to see all the photo categories previously suggested.

How to blur background for Skype video call for iPhone, iPad and Android 6.0+.
During the video call, tap on the More menu. Turn on the blur my background switch.

Android 8.68
To activate the background blur feature, users need to follow these steps:
Start a video video call with one of your contacts.
Click the gear icon to open the Audio and Video Settings menu on the top right of your call screen.
Popup menu will be visible, click on Blur my background toggle to turn on this feature here.
Close the menu to return to your video call with a blur background.

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