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How the government is fighting with Corona, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan presented details in Parliament

new Delhi: On the first day of the Parliament session commencing Monday between the Corona period, the Union Health Minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan informed Parliament today about the situation of Corona in the country and the preparations and efforts of the government. Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan told Parliament that not only India has the lowest number of cases compared to the rest of the world, but also fewer deaths. He said that most of the cases and deaths have occurred in some states of the country.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan told Parliament: –

According to the World Health Organization, there are 215 countries worldwide, Corona Infra. According to the WHO, more than 9.05 lakh deaths have occurred worldwide, while so far there have been more than 2.79 crore infection cases, with a death rate of 3.2%.

– As of 11 September, a total of 45,62,414 cases were confirmed in India and 76,271 deaths (case fatality rate 1.67%) were recorded. At the same time, 35,42,663 (77.65%) have been cured by this difference.

– Most cases of corona are from Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, West Bengal, Bihar, Telangana, Odisha, Assam, Kerala and Gujarat. These are states where more than 1 lakh cases have been reported.

– In India, 3,328 cases per million population were reported and 55 people died, which is much less than the rest of the world.

– Around 92% of mild cases were in our country, while only 5.8% cases required oxygen thumps. In addition, only 1.7% of the cases required internal area.

In view of the epidemic, the central government decided to impose public curfew and then lockdown. It is estimated that this decision reduced about 14–29 lakh cases and 37–78 thousand deaths, which could have happened.

During the lockdown, the government made several arrangements to fight the epidemic, including clinical management, hospital facility, PCBE kits, ventilators, and some essential medicines such as arranges.

As of September 12, there are 15,284 divided treatment facilities, including 13,14,646 dedicated isolated beds.

-2,31,093 Oxygen Supported Beds, 62,717 ICU Beds. Apart from this, there are 12,826 quarantine centers, with a provision of 5,98,811 beds.

– The focus is on the development of the Kovind vaccine in India. There are more than 30 vaccine candidates, which are on different stages, 3 of which are advanced stage.

– 1.92 crore PPE kits have been recruited by the Center, out of which 1.39 crore packaged kits, 3.43 crore N95 faces have been given to the states by the Central Government till September 11.

10.84 crore hydroxychloroquine chains have been given to the states by the Ministry of Health. While India is exporting hydroxychloroquine oils to 140 countries.

– The Central Government has transferred the purchase of 60,948 ventilators, out of which 30,170 ventilators have been given to the states.

– As of September 11, 32,109 ventilators have been earmarked for the states, of which 30,170 ventilators have been given.

– Many drugs are undergoing clinical trials for corona. At the same time, three vaccine trials are going on in India, of which Phase 1 and 2 are in trial, while one vaccine is in Phase 2 and 3 trials.

– For Corona, the Central Government also retained the Group of Ministers and Empowered Group, which is monitoring different things and situations.

Apart from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of AYUSH was also involved in the battle of Corona during this time, not only issued guidelines to increase rescue and immunity through Ayurveda and other methods, but also medical research is being done.

– Guidelines given on different guidelines from time to time, such as hospital, testing, booking, quarantine.

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