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How to deactivate account with truecaller and how to delete your number, learn process


  • Your phone number is not listed in the Truecaller database
  • For this, you have to deactivate your account
  • Request to have your number removed from the searchable database

Truecaller is the app in the world through which a user’s name and other information related to it are revealed. First of all, it is important to know how Truecaller works, then we are telling you how Truecaller works. Whenever a user downloads the Truecaller app and logs in, the app first asks for some permission from it and access is allowed on one of those contact lists. When a user allows access to the contact list, then the app is able to see all their contacts and save them to their server. What happens with this is that everyone’s name and number are saved in Truecaller. Then when any user searches for a number in Truecaller or is getting a call from a number unknown to him, the TrueCaller shows it on the display or shows it later by searching his information in his server.
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The complete contact list is uploaded on the TrueColor app, which also includes information on name, phone number, email ID and location etc. For the people who want to hide their identity or privacy then this app proves difficult. If you have never signed up to hide your information on third party servers, then your contact information is stored through this app. If you do not want your identity to be known to anyone and your phone number is not listed in the Truecaller database, then you have to deactivate your account and can request the company to remove your number from its searchable database.

While Truecaller allows users to track call information from spammers, scammers, telemarketing calls and call centers, as well as allowing them to be blocked, it allows users to risk their own privacy and the privacy of their contact list Have to take. Those who have never used a trocolor, their information becomes available on the Truecaller database without their consent. If you are worried about your privacy, then for this you must first deactivate the Truecaller account. For this, you have to follow this step by step process and after that your number will be removed from the company’s database.

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How to deactivate Android users Truecaller account
(If you have never used Truecaller, then you do not need to deactivate anything, you can skip this step and go straight to step 2.)

First of all you have to open the Truecaller app on your phone and then click on the hamburger menu (3 short lines) in the top left. Then tap on the settings on the slide out panel.

Now the Truecaller settings are opened.
In the settings you have to select Privacy Center and then select Deactivate on the next page. Confirm on asking.

How to deactivate iOS users Truecaller account
If you are an iOS user, then you have to open the Trocolor app on your iPhone. Then tap on the profile avatar in the top corner on the left on the Truecaller homepage. After that go to Settings, then go to the Privacy Center and deactivate the account.

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How to remove your number from truecaller database
For this, you will have to go to the official unlisted page of Truecaller. After that a request has to be made for delisting. Here you have to enter your mobile number with the correct country code. After that the given captcha will have to be entered and then click on the unlisted phone number button.

Click and click unlist in the slide out pane. After that a message will come on the user’s number, which states that within 24 hours, the company will be removed from the searchable database.

After a day or two you can check whether your number is removed from the database. If your number is visible in the searchable even after two days of delisting, it will be because the profile is saved in the local cash. After that delete the search result and try again. Go to the settings of the phone, then click on Apps and then go to the Trocoller and clear the cache memory. It should be noted that it does not stop showing your personal information on calls to users. All that happens is that upon searching, your information is removed from the database of the TrueColor, that is, if anyone searches your number on the TrueColor, then they will not see any information there.

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