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How to download Aadhaar card online, learn the easiest way here


  • Need of Aadhaar card to take advantage of government benefits and connect to schemes
  • This is how Aadhar card is downloaded through Aadhaar number
  • Aadhaar Card Download through Virtual ID (VID)

Every Indian citizen in the country needs an Aadhaar card to take advantage of the government benefits offered by the country’s government and connect to the schemes. Everyone can use this document as address proof and identity proof. It is a 12-digit unique identification number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

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If you have made the Aadhaar card once, then it can be downloaded again from anywhere. Enrollment is done at Aadhaar center or bank / post office etc. for Aadhaar card. After this, the applicant can download and print UIDAI Aadhaar using the enrollment ID, virtual ID or Aadhaar number provided through UIDAI. Once the number is issued, after that you will have to follow these steps for Aadhar card download. How to download Aadhar card through Aadhaar number:

If you want to download and print Aadhaar card online, then you have to follow these steps.

Step 1: First of all you have to go to the official website of Adhara.
Step 2: After that you have to go to My Aadhaar option and click on ‘Download Aadhaar’ or go to the link of Aadhaar.
Step 3: Click on ‘Aadhaar’ option under ‘I have’ section.
Step 4: Now, you have to enter the 12 digit Aadhaar number. After this, click on the ‘I want a masked Aadhaar’ option, if you want to download a masked Aadhaar.
Step 5: Enter Captcha Verification Code and click on Send OTP option to get one time password on your registered mobile number.
Step 6: Now enter the OTP on your mobile number.
Step 7: Complete the survey and click on ‘Verify and download’ to download an electronic copy of your Aadhaar card.

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To download Aadhaar card through Virtual ID (VID), follow these steps:
Downloading of Aadhaar card through Virtual ID is in the latest edition of UIDAI portal for Aadhaar download. One can download Aadhaar card using virtual ID online.
Step 1: First of all go to the online portal of UIDAI.
Step 2: Then click on ‘Download Aadhaar’.
Step 3: Select the VID option from the I have section.
Step 4: Now enter your virtual ID, full name, PIN code and security code.
Step 5: Now click on Send OTP to generate OTP.
Step 6: Apart from this, optionally, the user has to use the TOTP feature to authenticate his request.
Step 7: E-Aadhaar will be downloaded into your system.
Step 8: Apart from this, you will also be able to access it by entering the Aadhaar card password.
Step 9: Now to open the PDF file, enter an eight-digit password which will be the first four letters of your name (in capital) and the first four digits in your date of birth.

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