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How to transfer PF money from old account to new account if job is changed

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PF accounts are also changed after working at different places and there is a lot of difficulty in withdrawing money. If you have multiple PF accounts, then to withdraw money, you will have to transfer them to a single account first and only then the process will be able to proceed. If you have also changed job and your money is in different account of PF and you want to transfer it to one place, then here we are telling you its method.

Of the monthly salary of employees working in all government and non-government companies in the country, 12 percent is deposited in the PF account under EPFO, while the same office also deposits the same in PF account, of which 8.33 percent is EPF account. And 3.67 percent share goes to pension. According to government regulations, if a company has 20 or more employees, then it is necessary to be registered with EPFO.

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EPF is a type of investment scheme run by the government to help the future of any government or non-government employees. Every employee submitting a PF gets a UAN number from which he can keep an account of his PF and get the information related to it. When you are working in a company, it will have a UAN and a PF account, but when you change the company, the UAN remains the same, but the PF account changes. Here we are telling you that How can step by step transfer money from one PF account to another.

It is important to keep these things in mind: To transfer PF, your UAN number is required to be activated on the EPFO ​​member portal. At the same time, the number used to activate UAN is also required to be activated, because on that same number you get OTP for verification. At the same time, bank account number and Aadhaar number should be linked to UAN. The last appointment date of the user should be updated. During this time the company will have to approve for e-KYC. Let me tell you that the transfer request will be approved only once in the previous member ID. Verification of all the information contained in the member profile is mandatory before application. Apart from this, keep a valid PAN card, Aadhaar card or driving license etc. with you.

Transfer money from one PF account to another account: To transfer money, first of all go to the Unified Member Portal of EPFO ​​and enter UAN and password there and login. Once successfully logged in, then you have to go to the online service and then select the One Member One EPF account option. After that you have to check all the information related to the current job and do the verification. After this, users have to click on the Get Details option. After that, you will get the PF account information of the previous job.

To attest the online clam form, the user has to select the previous or current company, select one. You can select this keeping in view the Authorized Signatory Holding DSC. Now select any one company and enter the member id or UAN. Finally, you have to click on the Get OTP option. Then OTP will come on the phone number registered in the UAN. Finally, enter the OTP and click on the submit button. After that the users will get a tracking ID, from which you will be able to check the states.

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