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I did not expect this from you, sir! Bill Gates gave a disputed statement about India and the vaccine


  • Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates’s shocking statement
  • Said – Do not share the formula with developing and poor countries
  • We are making the vaccine with our expertise and money

New Delhi. The second wave of coronavirus is being observed in India. This wave has affected the country badly. People are facing many problems due to which people are losing the battle of life. On this, the world community has started giving its support.

Where India on one side is struggling with this wave of corona. At the same time, renowned tech person and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has made a shocking statement. Bill Gates has made a controversial statement about patents in vaccine technology.

Formula should not be shared with developing and poor countries – Gates

  • The whole world is making vaccines to prevent and fight the coronavirus. Meanwhile, according to reports, where on one side the whole world is fighting with Corona. At the same time, Bill Gates is being accused of withdrawing the way to make the vaccine from other countries.
  • In an interview with Sky News, Bill Gates was asked if it would be possible to change the Intellectual Property Law to be able to share the formula for the COVID vaccine.
  • Responding to this, he categorically stated that the vaccine formula should not be shared with developing countries. Because of this, developing and poor countries may have to wait for some time for the vaccine, but still they should not be given the vaccine formula.

Giving clarification, there is a difference between the factory of America and India

  • When asked about the explanation for his answer, Bill Gates said, “There are too many vaccine factories in the world and people are very serious about the safety of vaccines. Yet the drug formula should not be given.”
  • There is a difference between Johnson & Johnson factory in US and one factory in India. We are making any vaccine with our expertise and money. This is not a recipe or a formula.
  • In such a situation, it is not right to share it with anyone. To make a vaccine, many types of precautions have to be kept and tested. Trials have to be done along with that. “

Bill Gates said, “It’s not intellectual property

  • The Serum Institute of India (SII), the country’s largest institute, is manufacturing the COVID-19 vaccine Covishield under a contract with AstraZeneca. Talking about taking a step back in the context of a global vaccine rollout, Bill Gates said, “It’s not an intellectual property. It’s not like there’s a passive vaccine factory with regulatory approvals that magically make safe vaccines.” . Every manufacturing process needs to be watched very carefully. “
  • Bill Gates has also said that it is no surprise that developed countries have prioritized themselves for the vaccine. In the United States and Britain, all those who are above 30 years of age are being vaccinated. But in Brazil and South Africa, 60-year-olds are unable to get the vaccine, which is unfair. Countries facing severe corona crisis will receive the vaccine in two to three months. Bill Gates meant that once vaccination was completed in developed countries, vaccines would be made available to poor countries.

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