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I want this boy in the junior team – when Dilip Sardesai saw Rohit Sharma playing on the Mumbai ground…

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Rohit Sharma is also called ‘The Hitman’ due to his aggressive batting. Recently, under his captaincy, Mumbai Indians have won the IPL title for the fifth time.

Rohit Sharma is now a well-known name but former Indian batsman Dilip Sardesai had seen Rohit playing on the Mumbai grounds some 14 years ago.

Senior journalist Rajdeep Sardesai said that his father called him from Mumbai and told him about a young talented player.

Rajdeep told a sports website, “He (Dilip Sardesai) was an expert in identifying talent. I think that will be the year 2006 or so. He once called me and said, “I have seen a great stroke player.” So I said, ‘What happened?’ He said, ‘No, no … I was on the field and this boy was hitting the ball beautifully and naturally.’ Then I came to know that he was talking about Rohit Sharma.

He further added, ‘He saw Rohit Sharma as a teenager. He immediately called the junior team selector and said that I want this boy in the junior team. I have a cute picture in which he is telling Rohit how to keep his elbows up and how to drop the ball outside the off stump. ‘

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