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ian chappell wants overhaul of drs says it encourages player dissent – Ian Chappell doesn't trust DRS; Speak

| Language | Updated: 19 Jul 2020, 02:17:00 PM IST

Ian Chappell

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Former Australia captain Ian Chappell has called for a radical change in the umpires' decision review system (DRS), saying it promotes player opposition. During the Test series between England and West Indies, which is restoring international cricket after suspension due to Corona virus, three reviews have been given in each innings which is one more than usual.

Chappell wrote in one of his columns, “The umpire is always right and the first lesson the young cricketer is taught is that you will not debate his decision.” This commendable process of discipline and self-regulation is no longer valid as the implementation of the DRS is promoting a way of opposing the players. '76-year-old Chappell, who scored 5345 runs in 75 Tests for Australia, has won the current in England. The series exemplified how DRS was manipulated and its importance reduced.

He said, “Umpire Richard Cattlebro's sense of disgust on his face is currently a proof of his thinking about the system after three decisions were changed early in the second day of the first Test between England and the West Indies.” With reference to this technique used, he said, 'My sympathies are with Catbro who is one of the better umpires in the international panel and a third review at the time of the pandemic indicates that the system has been manipulated.'

Stokes's Dhansu Boling joined the special listStokes's Dhansu Boling joined the special list

The Cricket Board of India did not trust this technique for a long time but eventually accepted it. Chappell said that players should never be allowed to be part of the decision-making system. He wrote, “There was a time when the BCCI did not trust the DRS. I am no longer with the BCCI because even now I do not trust DRS very much. DRS umpires should have been in hand from the beginning, players should not be made part of the decision making system. ”Chappell wrote,“ Cricket officials should have control over the equipment and staff associated with DRS, not the television production company .

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