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ICC ODI SUPER LEAGUE: ICC World Cup Super League process extremely complex: Michael Atherton – icc world cup super league highly complex michael atherton


Former England captain Michael Atherton believes that the International Cricket Council's (ICC) ODI International Super League is a 'very complex' process and the governing body has to devise a simple qualification system for the 2023 World Cup to be held in India. Was wanted

The ICC started the ODI International Super League on Monday, which will decide the teams participating in the 2023 Men's World Cup. Host India and seven top teams will get direct entry to the World Cup. The Super League will begin with a series between world champions England and Ireland starting on 30 July.

Atherton told Sky Sports Cricket, “Whatever happens there is a logic behind it but it gets quite complicated because you try to connect the two systems together.” He said, 'You had the ICC Global Competitions – World Cup, World T20 and Champions Trophy – and you are trying to relate it to the normal bilateral series, which is part of the Future Tour Program (FTP), where each team has a – plays against each other. '

How will it be compared

  • How will it be compared

    In this tournament, each team will play four home and four away series of the three-match series. It will begin with a series between England and Ireland starting in Southampton on Thursday. The rest of the schedule will be announced later.

  • How to get points

    Each team will get 10 points for every win. There will be five points for every tie, no result and canceled match. There will be no points for defeat.

  • Who will qualify

    The top seven teams will automatically qualify for the 2023 World Cup in addition to India. The five teams who cannot qualify will play in a qualifying tournament with the associate teams. Out of this, two top teams will qualify for the tournament of 10 teams.

  • The third umpire will watch the no-ball

    The third umpire will be given responsibility for the front-foot no ball in the tournament. Apart from this, penalty will also be imposed for slow-over rate and their points will be deducted.

  • Challenge is in front of ODI

    With the rise of T20 cricket, the challenges for ODI International are increasing. Test cricket is the real challenge and the temper of T20 entertainment. In such a situation, a lot of efforts are being made by the ICC to maintain the popularity and relevance of ODI cricket. The ICC hopes that the Super League will once again make the 50-over format popular among the public.

  • World Cup will be held in October-November 2023

    Last week, the ICC shifted the World Cup 2023 in India from February-March to October-November to allow the countries time to recover the loss of matches caused by the corona virus.

Atherton said, “It is very difficult to connect these two things and eventually it happens.” There will be 13 teams participating in the Super League, including 12 full members of the ICC and the Netherlands. Netherlands won the World Cricket Super League 2015-17 and made it to the Super League.

In the Super League, each team will play four series of 3 matches at home and four overseas. The five teams who fail to qualify directly from the Super League will compete with five associate teams in qualifiers 2023 and two of them will qualify for the 10 teams World Cup to be held in India.

Each team will get 10 points for the win, while 5 points will be awarded for the tie, bettija and the canceled matches. No points will be awarded for defeat. The teams will be ranked on the basis of the scores obtained from the 8 series. Rules have been put in place to determine if two or more teams have the same number of points.

Atherton, a 52-year-old former England batsman who scored 7728 runs in 115 Tests, said a slightly less complex system would have made it easier for people to understand. Former England captain Andrew Strauss, part of the ICC cricket committee, said that it is impossible to implement a smooth system and that the governing body will have to face criticism.

He said, 'It makes sense to try to find any spontaneous process but it is not possible.' Strauss said, “We all talk about meaningless bilateral cricket, which has no relevance and then when the ICC tries to combine everything with the World Test champions, everybody says that the points system is very complex and then they (ICC) try the Super League and they (people) say why they are doing this. '

The ICC has faced criticism from players such as New Zealand captain Kane Williamson, who say the points system is not fair, while Indian captain Virat Kohli says that a win over foreign soil in the World Test Championship should yield more points.

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