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If the screen of iPhone 12 is broken, it will be a big shock, it will cost more than ₹ 40,000

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The premium iPhone 12 lineup has been announced by California tech company Apple. Selected new features that make the iPhone 12 different from the iPhone 11 launched last year include its new ceramic shield display and a big claim from Apple for its robustness. The company said that it is up to 4 times stronger. Users can expect better scratch and drop protection, but if this display is broken then a significant amount will have to be spent.

If the ceramic glass display of the new iPhone 12 model breaks for any reason, it will cost $ 80 (about Rs 5,800) more than the amount paid to repair the iPhone 11, which was launched last year. Apple has brought a better OLED XDR Retina panel to all iPhone models this year, which has been given ceramic glass protection. This is a major upgrade over the LCD Retina display found on the iPhone 11.

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Display broken means ‘luck’
After the standard iPhone 12 is out of warranty, you will have to spend $ 279 (about Rs 20,500) to get its display replaced. Apart from this, the cost of installing new screens for iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be even more. However, the cost of screen replacement of the other two devices has not yet been shared by Apple. Apart from this, due to the small screen size of the iPhone 12 Mini, its screen replacement cost may be slightly less than the iPhone 12.

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Expenditure of more than ₹ 40,000
If you have had good luck and only need screen replacement on the new iPhone 12, then it is fine. At the same time, if the device of the new lineup breaks into ‘Other damage’, then you may have to pay more than $ 449 (about Rs 33,000). The cost for the iPhone 11 launched last year was $ 399 (about Rs 29,300). Similarly, the repair cost of the iPhone 12 Pro will be $ 549 (about 40,300). However, with AppleCare + it will cost only $ 99 (about Rs 7,250) and the cost of battery replacement will be $ 69 (about Rs 5000).

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