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If the SIM in your name is not being misused, find it at home, you can also block the number


  • Department of Telecom launches new tool
  • You will get information about active numbers from home
  • Block and Deactivate them

Many people make others a scapegoat to carry out wrong deeds. Many such cases have also come to light, in which people take out SIMs secretly in the name of others for doing illegal work, and carry out acts like threatening or blackmailing them. He who has a sim by his name does not know. If you have a little doubt in your mind that if someone is not doing illegal work from your mobile number, then take 5 minutes and check it.

Secondary Department launches portal
Actually, now you can easily know how many mobile numbers are active in your name. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has launched a portal – tafcop .dgtelecom .gov .in, with the help of which you can find out if someone is using a mobile number in your name without your knowledge.

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Will know in minutesHow many numbers are active in your name

  • Telecom department deputy director general A. Robert Ravi said that cases of taking mobile SIM cards using the details of others and using it illegally have been reported continuously. Given this, the department has launched this tool. With the help of this online tool they can get rid of the numbers they are not using.
  • He further said that through this website, people will be helped to know how many mobile numbers are running in his name. In addition, they can also request to block these numbers.

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Initially facility will be available in Andhra Pradesh-Telangana
Officials said that a person can issue as many as 9 mobile connections. However, more than 9 mobile connections are running in the name of many users. He said that at present the portal will be launched in licensed service areas of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. This service will be started gradually in other cities.

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Block and Deactivate number will be available at home

  • Users can easily get to know the connection running in their name through this portal. For this, they have to enter any of their active numbers and then get an OTP. With its help, they can easily get information about all the active numbers.
  • The department will inform all consumers through SMS about how many numbers are active in their name. After this, consumers can go to the portal and report about the numbers that they are not using or which are not needed.
  • On the request of the user, the telecom company will either block or deactivate that number. The ticket ID will be provided to the consumer, with the help of which they will be able to track how much work has been done on their request so far.

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