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If you don’t want to be Shweta, here’s how to mute audio on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Skype

Anything gets trended on social media in the country and recently there was a trend of a girl named Shweta who is trending over the audio of her zoom meeting. It is also quite interesting to have a trend in this, as it was in a zoom meeting with 111 people and she does not remember that she has not muted the chat. During this time, he started talking on the phone with a friend. He did not notice that his mic was left open and he talked about the affair which also reached 111 others. After this, if you want to do anything famous on social media in India, then the audio on social media failed like a trend. When social media made Priya Prakash Warrior a star, then Shweta was also famous. Now a lot of memes are being made on this social media. Trended #Shweta on Twitter too. Thankfully, the identity of that girl has not been revealed so far, or imagine what would have happened. Just as this girl’s audio is being made fun of on social media, in such a situation you need to be very careful during online video meeting of office, school or college.
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Video calls were also there earlier, but since Coronavirus we have been using a lot of video calls. If Shweta’s audio leak incident is seen apart from just joking, then there is a lot to be learned from it. Now if you are on a video call or audio call next time, then you will be able to mute the audio according to the need. So make sure your mic is muted or not before making any calls. This way you will be able to stop your personal conversation from spreading. After this incident, you should immediately change your mic settings and by default keep the audio muted so that your voice does not go away until you join the call. What will happen with this is that when you need, you will be able to mute or unmute yourself and for this you just have to tap the given option on the screen.

Online video calling platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Google Meet offer the ability to mute audio during and before video calls, but there are many users who do not know how the feature of mute audio works. is. Here we are telling you how your own audio is muted during video in Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Skype so that your audio never goes viral like Shweta.
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How to mute audio during a zoom call:
First of all you have to open Zoom App on phone or desktop.
Then click on the settings menu.
Then tap on the audio option.
Then check ‘Always mute the microphone when joining a meeting’, seen in the bottom part of the screen.
Now, whenever you join a video call, the mute button will turn off. You can mute or unmute yourself according to your need by clicking on the mic icon.

How to mute audio during a Skype call:
First of all you have to open Skype desktop or mobile app.
Now you have to click on the profile photo and then click on Settings.
Now you have to select audio and video option.
You have to adjust the microphone settings by clicking on the microphone option given in the settings menu. You can mute and unmute yourself if needed.
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How to mute audio during a Microsoft Teams call:
To mute audio, first of all you have to open Microsoft Teams on computer or mobile.
Now you have to click on the visible device settings.
Now you have to select the microphone option.
Now you have to adjust the settings according to your need. You can mute and unmute yourself when you need to.

How to mute audio during Google Meet:
To mute audio in Google Meet, first of all you have to open Google Meet on your computer or mobile.
After this you have to click on the audio option at the top of the display.
After that click on the given option to turn off the mic.
If you need to unmute the audio, you have to tap on that icon again.

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