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If you lose your phone or someone steals, do not panic, if you adopt this easy solution will be beneficial

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In today’s time, mobile is one of the most important things related to people’s life, through which they are able to enjoy some important work as well as entertainment and games. But in the midst of all this, if someone steals your phone or you accidentally lose yours, then hardly anyone can feel bad. But in such a situation, you should not panic, because nowadays such easy tips-tricks and software have come with the settings in the mobile, with the help of which you can find out about your mobile or even after losing your phone, keep your phone secure. Can.

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If you adopt the necessary tips and tricks, then no unknown person will be able to misuse your phone and the data contained in it. So, today we know that by using these tips and tricks easily, you will be able to keep your phone safe or find it in case of loss.

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Secure Lock Screen very beneficial
First of all, let me know that whether it is an Android phone or an iPhone, by going to their settings, you can lock the phone or try to find it after it is stolen or lost. For this, some easy steps have to be followed. You can turn on passcode and fingerprint authentication through the secure lock screen function, which will benefit that no unfamiliar person will be able to unlock your phone easily. If possible, do not use the facial recognition option, because anyone can easily unlock your phone by disabling it.

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Know How to Find Stolen Or Lost Mobiles 2

You don’t panic just be smart

Find My Device Will Work
Nowadays it is necessary to give Gmail and Google details for starting any phone and for Play Store access. In such a situation, you go to Settings and go to the Security & Location option and turn on Google’s Find My Device option. It will be beneficial that you can track the device after the phone is lost or stolen.

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This method is also right
Along with this, you can set Secure & Erase process by searching android.com/find on your computer and selecting your phone. After this, a push alert will be sent to your phone, in which you can secure your phone under any adverse circumstances by following the necessary procedure.

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