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If you want to increase the battery life of the phone, then definitely know these 5 tips

Smartphones have become an important part of our life. Our smartphone has now become the biggest medium of entertainment, communication and information. We have become dependent on this small device that we have on hand in our everyday work. To do all these things, it is necessary that the smartphone remains charged. Due to browsing, navigation and media playback, the problem of fast discharge of the phone battery also comes up. Today we will tell you about 5 such tips, which will increase the battery life of your phone.

Location Services and Bluetooth Turn Off
Explain that the GPS feature discharges the battery the fastest. Battery costs faster when GPS is turned on. So it is important to keep it off when not used. To turn off the GPS, go to the Quick Axis panel and turn it off. Apart from GPS, Bluetooth also drastically reduces the phone’s battery. Keep in mind that if Bluetooth is not used then go to Quick Axis panel and turn it off.

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Keep the brightness of the display low

Display has an important role in a smartphone. If the display brightness level is high then it will consume more battery. Therefore, do not keep the brightness level high and down if not needed. By doing this, the battery life of the phone will definitely be saved. Apart from this, if you do not want to reduce the display brightness level again and again, save it on auto.

Close all unwanted background apps
Background apps keep the phone’s processor full and this reduces the battery of the device rapidly. To reduce the use of processor and save battery, close all background apps. By doing this, the battery life of your phone will be saved.

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Turn off the Always-On display feature
With the Always-on-Display feature, users can get information about time, date and notifications at a glance. However, this feature consumes faster battery as the display is always on. Users can turn this feature off by going to Settings. This increases the battery life of the phone.

Do not use live wallpaper or visit
When live wallpaper or widgets are used, the display has to be updated at higher frequencies, leading to higher battery consumption. In addition to refreshing the screen at high rates, widgets and live wallpapers use the phone’s resources to stay updated, which costs more battery.

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