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Imam ul haq said on nepotism, ate food alone, cried in the bathroom – pakistan cricketer imam ul haq says openly on nepotism would cry in the bathroom

Imam Ul Haq is the nephew of former Pakistan captain and veteran batsman Inzamam ul Haq. Imam, who made his ODI debut in 2017, has played 11 Tests and 37 ODIs so far.

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Imam ul Haq (file)
  • Imam ul Haq, nephew of former Pakistan captain and veteran batsman Inzamam-ul-Haq
  • Imam ul Haq made his ODI debut against Sri Lanka in October 2017.
  • The Imam said, he even stopped talking to his family members, did not want to pressure them
  • He made a century in debut ODI match, Imam was part of Pakistan's team in 2019 World Cup


Pakistan batsman Imam-ul-Haq suffered from nepotism charges after making a place in the national team. This put a lot of mental pressure on him and he cried in the bathroom. Imam, the nephew of former Pakistan captain and veteran batsman Inzamam-ul-Haq, made his ODI debut against Sri Lanka in October 2017. Even with Inzamam being the chief selector at the time, he was not helped to get a place in the team.

In a conversation with former Indian wicketkeeper Deepdas Gupta on the Cricinfo show Cricket, Imam said, “When it all started, I ate alone all the time.” This was my first tour and you can understand what the first tour is like. Whenever I opened my phone, people used to tag me on social media or send me a lot of things. I was very disappointed and could not understand anything. '

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He said, 'After that I stopped talking to the people of my family because I didn't want to pressure them. I did not want them to know about my problem. I had switched off both my phones and allowed the manager to keep them. It was also said that I cannot take it away from me. '

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The Pakistani batsman said, “I remember that I used to cry for hours while bathing in the bathroom that I had not played a single match till now. It is very easy for a young man to doubt himself and go into despair. '

Imam is not alone, he has also been maligned in colorful mood

  • Imam is not alone, he has also been maligned in colorful mood

    Pakistan's young batsman, Imam-ul-Haq, is being infamous these days for having relations with different women. Some screenshots and photos of the Imam's personal chat on social website Twitter are going viral. But the cricket world Imam is not the only player to be implicated in these allegations. Before this, these famous cricketers have also been out of the ground.

  • Shane Warne, Australia

    Shane Warne, the world's great leg-spinner, is not just a wizard of spin. Off the field, he claims to have connections with thousands of women. Warne proudly states that he was caught only 5 times despite sleeping with thousands of women. His stories with Helen Cohen, Angela Galagar, Laura Sayers, Carey Collymore, Liz Hurley, Cloy Conrad became very famous and many of their objectionable pictures were also featured in the media repeatedly.

  • Shahid Afridi, Pakistan

    Shahid Afridi was caught entertaining two groups of girls in a hotel room in Karachi with two of his teammates Atiq-Aj-Zaman and Hasan Raja while going for a tournament in Singapore in 2000. . Shahid was 20 then, all the players later claimed that the girls were his fans and he was only giving autographs. However these three players were fined and banned for the ICC Champions Trophy to be held in Kenya at the time.

  • Asad Rauf, Umpire, Pakistan

    Former Pakistan umpire Asad Rauf may have been bold in spot fixing of IPL, but played a lot on Ishq's pitch. However, she faced embarrassment when model Leena Kapoor accused her of sexual exploitation. Raouf's name was linked with Leena for several days, but Raouf never publicly acknowledged it. Some pictures with her Leena were also revealed.

  • Chris Gayle, West Indies

    Pictures of West Indian explosive batsman Chris Gayle's 'embarrassing' antics have been in the news several times. Gayle's relationship with girls, alcohol and smoking is very old and he has been accused of this at times. See: 15 pictures – Chris Gayle in controversies

  • Kevin Peterson, England

    The case of England player Kevin Pietersen came to light in 2005. He was in a relationship with Vanessa Nemo. The relationship lasted for a month, after which Vanessa decided to make Kevin's life public. In an interview, Vanessa revealed that Kevin was desperate to have sex with her and used to harass her throughout the day.

  • Mohammad Shami, India

    He was accused by Team India pacer Mohammed Shami's wife of ties to a non-woman and match-fixing. These days, Shami's wife has also filed a case against him and the two are now living separately. However, no such accusation has yet been proved against Shami.

  • Darrell Tuffy, New Zealand

    In 2005, New Zealand cricketer Darrell Tuffy was accused of having a relationship with a woman. Two men shot a video of Darrell, in which he was in an objectionable position with a 23-year-old girl. After several days of blackmailing, once the scenes of this video became public, the woman herself identified Tuffy. Refused, who was with him in the video.

  • Look Pomerbash, Australia

    Australian player Luk Pomerbash, who quit cricket in 2014, was also accused of sexual exploitation during the 2012 IPL. At that time, Luk used to play for Royal Challengers Bangalore. He was allegedly abusive with US citizen Johal Hameed at a Five Star Hotel after which he was arrested by Delhi Police. Also, he was also suspended from RCB's franchise.

The 24-year-old batsman said, “One thing that keeps on mind is that till now I have not played for the national team. What if I played and could not do well, then my career would end. I didn't even step out of my room, because I was afraid that people would bother going out, especially when there are a lot of people from the Pakistani community in Dubai. '

Imam got a chance to play in the third match of the series. Imam is the second Pakistani batsman to score a century in his debut ODI. He was also a part of Pakistan's team in the 2019 World Cup. He has played 11 Tests and 37 ODIs so far. He has also scored 7 centuries and 6 half-centuries in ODIs.

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