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Immaculate pain, inspiration from Faf du Plessis, then played the role of ‘troublemaker’

India vs Australia: With the help of experienced innings of experienced spinners Ravichandran Ashwin and Hanuma Vihari (Indian innings), the Indian cricket team was successful in the Sydney Test draw against hosts Australia. Ashwin returned unbeaten after scoring 39 runs off 128 balls in the second innings. Ashwin has told where he got the inspiration to play such innings.

In 2012, in a Test match played between South Africa and Australia in Adelaide, the Proteas batsman Faf du Plessis (110) scored 376 balls in 110 innings to defeat Australia’s victory.

‘Inspired by Faf du Plessis’
In a conversation with BCCI.com, Ashwin said, ‘I kept telling myself that I can bat like Du Plessis as he did in Adelaide in 2012. I can give myself a great chance. ‘Ashwin says that he is still not confident of this result.

“Ashwin,” as Ravi Bhai used to say, is not yet understood. So we cannot say how we are feeling. I can’t tell what I’m feeling, but it was quite special. I think both of us were stunned and for a while we had no idea what happened. We did not even celebrate because we did not know what to do because we were focused on playing every single ball.

‘If I didn’t play the shot, it could have created problems for me’
Ashwin said that it was easy to face Nathan Lyon as the pacers had a pain in their back while playing. He also explained why he went to take shots even after his body ached. He said, ‘Lion was bowling. I played the beginning three-four balls. My back pain was going through the lower part of my neck. So I went to Vihari that I should not have played this shot. This started hurting my body. If I would take a break, and not play those shots on them, my back was hard again. So I told Vihari that I can stay here and play some shots on him because if I don’t play, my back will get stiffer because I also wore chest guard.

The fourth and final Test match of the series between the two teams will be played in Brisbane from 15 January.

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