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Implementation Package to Prevent Violence Against Women

The UN Women and WHO are publishing an honor implementation package to prevent violence against women. This implementation package includes a suite of practical resources and tools to support the implementation of RESPECT women: Prevent Violence Against Women Framework developed by the WHO and 12 other UN agencies with UN women in 2019 and There has been support by bilateral partners. .

Implementation implementation package To help policy makers and practitioners to design and implement evidence-based, ethical and effective national and sub-national, policies, programs and interventions to prevent violence against women on the basis of each Seven strategies Of respect.

  1. RRegeneration skills strengthened
  2. IEmpowerment of women
  3. sEnsured services
  4. Poverty reduced
  5. IMade the environment safe
  6. CMild and juvenile abuse prevented
  7. TDistorted attitudes, beliefs and norms

It complements programming knowledge based on existing and up-to-date global evidence. It is divided into a series of standalone materials, including:

The package is presented in a user-friendly design to cater to the busy schedules of policy makers, enabling easy access to and reference to related materials. It can be used to support policy dialogues or as a capacity building tool. It can be used in its entirety or as a personal strategy and program summary.

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