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IND vs ENG: What will be the strategy for the fifth day in Chennai, with the lessons of Sydney and Brisbane, Team India will win?


  • First Test match of the series between India and England in Chennai, Team India got a target of 420 runs
  • Indian team needs to score 381 runs on 5th day, England need 9 wickets to win
  • Team India would like to play positive, will try to score as far as possible

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The first Test match of the series released in Chennai between India and England has now reached an exciting position. On the last day on Tuesday, where India will still need 381 runs to win, England will want to take 9 wickets of the hosts as soon as possible.

It is not easy to score so many runs on the last day of a Test match, but seeing the kind of cricket that Team India played in recent times, it is difficult to say anything.

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Talking about the Chennai Test, England scored a mammoth score of 578 in the first innings thanks to a superb double century by captain Joe Root (218). The Indian team could only score 337 runs in their first innings. Young wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant scored 91, Washington Sundar scored 85 and Cheteshwar Pujara scored 73 runs. Spinner Dominic Bess took four wickets for England.

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England got a lead of 241 runs on the basis of first innings. In such a situation, English captain Root decided to bat himself instead of giving a follow-on. England’s strategy was clear, scoring fast and inviting India to bat again.

Now a dilemma got stuck, England started thinking how many runs should be scored and how much target should be given to India which they could not achieve on the last day. Given the kind of performance that India performed in the series against Australia, England would not want to give less target. One reason may also be England’s relatively less experienced spin attack. The way India scored more than 300 runs on the last day in front of a strong Australian bowling attack in Brisbane in the fourth Test match, there will be some imprint on the root of captain Root.

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One match ended on Sunday, with West Indies adding 387 runs against Bangladesh on the last day. The Windies won the match, and showed how to make the batting of the fifth day exciting.

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In the second innings in Chennai, England batted 46.3 overs and were all out for 178 runs. India got a big target of 420 runs. By the end of the day’s play, India lost the wicket of opener Rohit Sharma and scored 39 runs to the stumps. At the crease, Shubman Gill and Cheteshwar Pujara were batting, from whom there are high hopes.

Now there is a question in everyone’s mind that with which strategy the Indian team will land on the last day i.e. on Tuesday. The behavior of the wicket on the fifth day can be quite different. The wicket is falling apart and it looks like batting on it will not be easy.

Just remember the fourth Test match of the series at Brisbane’s Gaba. Young Shubman Gill and Rishabh Pant played a key role in winning India, it was a match that will be remembered for many years. The veterans praised the match, praising the spirit of Team India. Encouraged his strategy.

Now India has a chance of another memorable win in Chennai. If Chennai remains a test draw, then whoever the ‘hero’ is, will not be ranked less than a winner.

Although the England spinners do not have that much experience, but they left no stone unturned to upset the Indian team in the first innings. Dom Bess took four and Jack Leach took two wickets. In this case, the team will have to be cautious. Also, it has to be kept in mind that playing more protective can also get him into trouble.

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By playing defensively, neither runs are scored but the pressure on other batsmen increases. In such a situation, Team India would like to get on the ground with the same mood for which it is known today – positive and aggressive cricket.

On the fifth day, the team will want to play positively on the field, as far as possible, it will try to score runs. For the team, Cheteshwar Pujara can play the role of sheet anchor who can stand at one end and the other players around him keep scoring runs.

Shubman Gill, Ajinkya Rahane, captain Virat Kohli, Rishabh Pant and Washington Sundar all specializes in the art of fast runs. The team would like no wickets to fall in the first hour and England should be prevented from taking the lead on the last day of the match. If there is such a situation while scoring runs that the pressure is falling due to quick wickets then in such a situation, Pujara’s role will increase which will make the English bowlers tired and fellow batsmen can also change their strategy according to the situation.

Remember the Sydney Test?
You should remember the Sydney Test between India and Australia in Sydney. From the hand of India where the match was slipping. The team had a big target of 407 runs. When Ajinkya Rahane returned to the pavilion as the third wicket, the score was 102 runs. From here, Pujara took the end and Rishabh Pant opened the counter attack and made 97 runs off 118 balls.

In the match which was slipping from the hand of India, Team India started hoping for victory but as Pant and then Pujara were dismissed Hanuma Vihari and Ravichandan Ashwin went into defensive mode and drew the match. Meaning, as the situation becomes clear, apply the same gear in batting. Avoid playing more aggressively, but playing more defensively can also be overwhelming. Pujara also said in the last press conference about Pant that he does not need to change his game but needs to understand the circumstances of the team and play.

India won in 2008 on the same pitch in Chennai
Team India will have to play balanced. Although the impact of Chennai’s humidity will be seen on the pitch and it will not be easy to score 381 runs on the last day but India defeated England in 2008 by 387 runs at the same Chennai ground. Then Sachin Tendulkar had hit a brilliant century and Yuvraj Singh supported him well. At the start of the innings, Virender Sehwag also scored 83 off 68 balls.

So everyone knows that nothing is impossible on the cricket field. Especially in this phase of T20 cricket where the mindset of the batsmen has completely changed. They are more confident in scoring runs now. But the point is there again, this is test cricket and on the fifth day .. This is Chennai wicket, which is breaking. Spinners will help here.

The aspects are many, the questions are many, but the answer is just a positive cricket and the ability to change gears according to the situation. Team India has the ability to do what the world has seen. She has shown this by doing so in the Border-Gavaskar Trophy Test series against Australia on her land. Now he has another chance, just to see if Team India will be able to succeed in its strategy on the last day. If that happens, it will be counted in memorable matches and India will also have a way to the World Test Championship.

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