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India lags behind Pakistan in mobile data speed: report

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India has a large number of smartphone user base and the cheapest data is available here compared to the rest of the world. But despite this, there has been no help in rising above the global mobile data speed chart. According to the latest report, India has come at number 131 in the mobile data speed list in this list. South Korea, Sri Lanka and Nepal and Pakistan are ahead of India in terms of mobile data speed.

According to the Ookla Speedtest Global Index September 2020 report, the average mobile download speed in India is 12.07Mbps. The global average mobile data speed is 35.26. Apart from this, the average mobile upload speed and latency of the country is 4.31Mbps and 52ms respectively. While the global mobile upload speed is 11.22 and the latency rate is 42ms.

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It is special that countries like Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are also ahead of India in the Global Mobile Data Speed ​​Chart. These countries chart 102, 116 and 117 respectively. The average mobile data speed of all these is more than 17Mbps.

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Talking about fixed line broadband, India is a bit better here. The average download speed in the country with number 70 is 46.47Mbps. But it still lags behind countries like Ghana, Moldova and Malta. It is worth noting that the Global Speed ​​Index is rolled out every year and India’s ranking remains down every year.

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