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India vs Australia- Virat Kohli, very aggressive player, not sure of keeping calm: Greg Chappell

Former Australia captain Greg Chappell has said that Virat Kohli does not believe in keeping calm as he wants to dominate his opposition team. Chappell wrote in his column in the Australian newspaper Sydney Morning Herald that Kohli is a non-Australian player who is like an Australian player.

Chappell wrote, ‘Virat Kohli Aggregation is not quiet. He is very aggressive. He wants to put pressure on the opposition team. He brings the idea of ​​a new India. As a key player and captain of a cricketing world cricket, he feels responsible for the game.

Chappell, who was the head coach of the Indian team from 2005 to 2007, said, “He knows about his personal record, but he does not focus on it.” It is very important for them to win the match for India and that is their main objective.

An example of Kohli’s generosity, known for his aggressive nature, was seen when Australia’s Steve Smith was teased by the crowd at the 2019 World Cup, and Kohli protested. That is why he also received the Spirit of Cricket (Virat Kohli Spirit of the Cricket) award.

Chappell wrote, ‘On a large scale, he is aware of his position. He knows the impact he can have on others. The reply he gave to Indian fans making fun of Smith at the World Cup in 2019 was brilliant.

Chappell has also praised Kohli’s batting technique. Chappell wrote, ‘He does not play with heavy bats. They told me. He relies on timing more than strength.

Regarding the upcoming four-match Test series between India and Australia, Chappell wrote, ‘Without a doubt the two best teams will compete with their full strength. India had defeated Australia last time but Smith and David Warner were not there at that time. Kohli is a man full of energy and he would like his team to maintain its reign. I expect him to do something different before he leaves. ‘

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