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Indians rely on this app, from haircutting to cleaning and repairing

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The corona epidemic that occurred in the year 2020 has taught people a new way of living and technology has also proved to be helpful during this time. People who are partying with friends on every weekend are now doing work from home to homes, while noisy students in college now come together in online classes. During this time, the use of food delivery and online shopping apps has also increased rapidly. People do not want to leave the homes but are calling home from plumber to mechanic for their needs. For this, users are taking help of an app and in 18 cities of the country, the urban company is meeting the needs of the people by going to their homes.

On its app and website, the Urban Company offers many services such as home spa, cleaning, plumbing, carpentry, appliance repairing and petting. After the lockdown, many new trends have been seen on this platform and users are better to call these services to their home instead of leaving home. About 140 percent of the pre-covid level performance platform was received in October. On how people in India are relying on home based services and how they have adopted an app, NBT Tech spoke to Urban Company VP Rahul Deora.

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Rahul told that the app and website of Urban Company (UC) works like a medium, which can provide better services to the people at home. He said, ‘The traditional way was to call a mechanic or a plumber by asking people or neighbors of your acquaintance and taking opinions, but it was not comfortable. Also, there was no guarantee that the person coming to service would be able to do the work on time or according to need. In such a situation UC has played a big role, where the users are confident that they will get better service and apart from reading the feedback of others, they can also give feedback and review themselves.

That’s why users are able to trust
In response to the lockdown caused by the Corona epidemic and how the company’s business was affected after that, Rahul says that the response from users is very good and surprising. He told, ‘During the lockdown, the business was completely zero in the beginning but at the end of the lockdown we got the best response from the users. We understood that the needs of the people are the same as before, from haircuts to fridges and AC repair services, they need them. By not calling any local mechanic, people are booking from UC because they are able to trust that it would be safer for us to call a mechanic or worker from the company.

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Good response from this city
Lucknow has extended its services to 18 companies in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Surat, Visakhapatnam and Vadodara. This year is startled. Rahul says that after starting our services in Lucknow earlier this year, we are now getting very good response from users. Users have assured that India is ready for such a platform. At the moment, more people are taking repair services in addition to hair-cut requirements. He told that by giving customer satisfaction, the professionals are also earning better from house to house.

Feedback from users helps
Rahul Devra also informed that the employees who reach the users with the help of the app also undergo long training. He said, ‘After the professionals join us, they are trained and initially monitored, so that the customer can be given good service. With the help of technology this work becomes easy and in such a situation the feedback of the users helps us. India is a big market and almost all types of service users are ready to get help with their phone sitting at home. Trends show that in the next few years after the big cities, small cities will also adopt such services. Rahul also believes that his company is exploring now and the time to come indicates better.

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