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Instagram: Troubled by abusive comments, this tool is for you, use this way


  • Instagram created a special tool
  • Will remove Abusive content from DM
  • Will be able to decide on his own which words are not good

New Delhi. Celebrity or common man, often face abusive comments on social media. It is not only indecent but sometimes it also has hate speech. To deal with this problem, photo sharing app Instagram has developed such a special tool. This tool is designed to protect against abusive content on Direct Message (DM) and to prevent those who harass the app.

Earlier it used to be that the abuser was also blocked, so they used to send dirty and ugly messages from the new account again. But Instagram’s new feature can prove effective to tackle this problem.
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How the new tool will work
Actually, this special tool of Instagram will filter out abusive words in direct message or DM section. Apart from this abusive message, the official word, emoji will be removed in advance so that it does not come in your comment section. This feature has been designed keeping in mind the privacy of the people.

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You will be able to decideWhich words are not good

  • The good thing is that Instagram has prepared a list of such words which are called derogatory, while Instagram will also provide the facility that users will be able to decide for themselves which words they do not like.
  • After this, the new tool of Instagram will not let the words you say come into your post. With the help of this special tool, the help of anti-decimation and anti-bulging organisms has been taken.

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Easy way to activate the tool

  • According to Instagram, to use this tool, you have to go to Instagram’s Privacy Settings. In this, you will see a dedicated section named Hidden Words, it has been specially prepared for this. This tool will also work the same way the comment is filtered out on Instagram.
  • After activating the tool, the messages containing the word abusive will move to a hidden folder. If you want to access that folder, you can go to Hidden Requests and delete it. Instagram will mark the message so that you do not see it. However, by uncovering it, you can also read, delete or report it.

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