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Instagram boomerangs get tik-tok like features in new update

Instagram update: Boomerang features features like tick-talk app in Instagram update, know what's special – instagram boomerangs get tik-tok like features in new update, know how they work

In order to give a lot of creative options to its users, Facebook’s proprietary photo sharing app Instagram has brought new features. In its Boomerang effect, Instagram has now added many features like tick-talk app. After the latest update, now Slomo, Eco, Duo and Trimming options have also been added. Whether recording a new video on Instagram or uploading a video from a library, the new Boomerang effects can be used as before. After opening the camera in the Instagram app, users will have to swipe on the boomerang and new effects will appear in the app itself. For this, the app must be updated on the latest version.

Features will work like this

Talking about new features, the video can be slowed down with the help of SlowMo, Echo doubles the vision effect, and with the help of Duo, the video can be speeded up and then slowed down. The most useful feature found in this update is related to trimming the video and with the help of this, video clips can be cut and shortened.

Will be able to trim the video

When recording Bloomberg videos, the entire video had to be re-recorded if there was no proper trimming before it. With the help of the new feature, the video can be edited after recording and the users will get better control over the final product. An official announcement has been made about this update on Instagram’s Twitter account. For many devices, this feature has not been rolled out yet and soon all users will get this update.

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