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Internet changed the way of crime, read which state is the most in danger in statistics


  • Internet threatens people
  • Cybercrime increases year after year
  • People have committed thousands of crimes using the internet

In today’s time, Internet has become very important for people. If our life is incomplete without internet, it would not be wrong to say at all. The Internet has simplified all our tasks. The tasks that were once thought impossible to do, while the work is done very easily with the help of internet in today’s time. Apart from the convenience that the Internet has made life more convenient, people have also been threatened by the Internet. People who are involved in crime activities have started using it in crime.

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People have committed thousands of crimes using the internet and many such cases have also been registered. There are many cases including cybercrime and rumor spreading on the Internet. Cybercrime from the Internet has increased a lot in the recent past. Cybercrime has increased crime so much that now it is being discussed in the Parliament of the country. During the budget session, an MP had asked the Electronics and Information Ministry about the misuse of mobile and internet, how many cases of incitement of violence were caused by the use of phones and internet. This information was given by the Ministry.

In the information received by the Ministry, such cases have been considered in cybercrime. So all these information has been given under cybercrime. The government’s reply in Parliament said that according to the data of National Crime Records Bureau, 21796 cases were reported in the year 2017, 27248 cases in the year 2018 and 44546 cases in the year 2019.

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It is clear from the data that cybercrime is increasing year after year. Cases have increased by one and a half times during the years 2018 to 2019. At the moment, the data of 2020 has not come, so it is not clear how much has increased in its crime. It is believed that during this time the data of crime can increase even more. It has not been clear from the information received from the Ministry that how many cases of inciting violence have been reported due to information received on the Internet. It has received a mixed report by the Ministry.

If cybercrime is compared by state, then Uttar Pradesh is on the first place in it. During this time, 4971 cases were reported in the year 2017 in UP. During this, 2726 cases have also been arrested. In the year 2018, 6280 cases were registered in UP. At the same time, in the year 2019, 11416 cases were registered during this period. The government of the country is taking several steps to deal with them. The government has added several provisions to eliminate cyber crime in the Cyber ​​Police Station, Information Technology Act 2000 for them.

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