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Internet shutdown 109 times in the year 2020, India ranks first in the list of 29 countries


  • India tops the list of 29 countries
  • Most Internet interrupted in India in 2020
  • How many times shut down internet in 2020

Internet Shutdown In India: The year 2020 was not good for people anyway due to Corona. While people were struggling with corona on one side, the internet had also disturbed people. During this time, users were the most dependent on the Internet. Through the Internet, people were able to stay connected with their family and friends during the lockdown. Also, children were able to do their online classes and their own work from home.

But then in the year 2020, it has happened many times that Internet service in India has been interrupted. There were many reasons, one of which was that violent protests were taking place in many places of the country. A report has come out about this, in which an account of how many times the Internet was shut down in India in the year 2020 has been given. Internet shutdown occurred most frequently in the year 2020 in India.
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According to a report, India has topped the list of 29 countries that have disrupted the Internet for users in 2020. The highest number of such incidents have occurred in India. At the same time, some Middle Eastern countries and some parts of Africa are included in this list.
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According to a report by Digital Rights and Privacy Organization Access Now, there have been 155 Internet shutdowns globally, of which 109 have been shut down in India. Apart from India, Internet services were also disrupted in Myanmar, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan and Vietnam.

The report states, “In the year 2019 also, India was at number one with 121 internet shutdowns. India has had a permanent shutdown in Jammu and Kashmir since August 2019. Here users are provided very low speed. ”
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The report stated that there were many more due to the Internet shutdown in India in the year 2020. In West Bengal, the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education and the home department of the state government imposed curfew on the use of the Internet during the examination up to 10th standard. It was here that the government started the Internet blackout. During this time Internet service was interrupted for a few hours.
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The report also stated that 28 times there was a complete internet blackout. During this time, the government had completely disrupted broadband and mobile connectivity, due to which people were forced to spend several days without internet. At the same time, users of Jammu and Kashmir were deprived of high-speed internet for almost two years. But in February 2021, 4G Internet services have been restored here. Internet services were disrupted in Jammu and Kashmir before the announcement of repeal of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution. At that time people were being given 2G speed.

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