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internet speed in india: broadband internet speed increased in india, know details – broadband internet speed increases in india kno details

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Mobile and fixed broadband speeds in India averaged between July 6 and July 12, compared to the prior week. Ookla gave this information in a report on Thursday. In its report on the impact of Covid-19on global internet performance, Okla stated that the fixed broadband download speed in India was 40.09 Mbps. Earlier in the week of June 29 to July 5, India's fixed broadband download speed was 40.05Mbps.

Global fixed broadband download speed increases

India's download speed was mostly 38Mbps in the month of June. However, on June 29, it saw an amazing growth. According to the Okla data, broadband download speed increased by 4 percent in the week of July 6 as compared to the week of March 2. Explain that in the week of March 2, Ukala recorded the download speed of fixed broadband in India at 38.66Mbps.

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Speed ​​increased at global level

According to the talk around the world, fixed broadband speed was 79.93Mbps during the week of July 6. The week before June 29, Ukala recorded a global mean fixed broadband speed of 78.73Mbps.

Internet speed remains same in India

According to Ukala, the internet speed in the week of July 6 remained flat in the same week as compared to the week before 29 June in India. It is being told that many average mobile download speeds of record in India remained 12.28Mbps, which was 12.74Mbps last week. Ukala said that the recorded mobile download speed in the week of July 6 increased by 5 percent compared to the week of March 2.

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12Mbps mobile speed

Like the fixed broadband download speed, the average mobile speed in the country has been around 12Mbps since the month of May. At the same time, this speed was 34.69Mbps in the week of July 6, which was 35.61Mbps in the previous week.

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