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Internet speed of 377.2Mbps is available in this country, full movie download in few seconds

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The fifth generation of Internet connectivity ie 5G has arrived in the world and in many countries users are getting its benefits. The average 5G internet speed in South Korea is around 336.1 megabits per second (Mbps) but it occupies the second position. The fastest average internet speed is available to users in Saudi Arabia. A report has revealed that the average 5G internet speed in Saudi Arabia is 377.2Mbps, allowing HD movies and heavy data to be downloaded in a few seconds.

The latest report has been shared by industry tracker Open Signal. The report said that the average 5G download speed in Saudi Arabia was 377.2Mbps, which is higher than the internet speed found in the rest of the world. From 1 July to 28 September, 5G internet speed was tested from 15 countries around the world by OpenSignal. South Korea occupies the second position after Saudi Arabia, where users get an average 5G speed of 336.1Mbps.

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Increased users in South Korea
Talking about 5G accessibility, South Korea held the fifth position. According to the latest data, 37 per cent in Saudi Arabia, 27.7 per cent in Kuwait, 94.9 per cent in Thailand and 22.9 per cent in Hong Kong are getting 5G network access. According to the latest data, 5G users in South Korea have grown rapidly in recent months. The 5G was commercially rolled out here in April. Currently, there are about 87 lakh 5G mobile accounts in South Korea, many of which were connected to the network last month.

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Work on 5G started in the country
Telecom companies in India have already started work on 5G connectivity and from next year it can be tested among users. Qualcomm, the American company that manufactures mobile chipsets, along with Indian telecom company Reliance Jio, tested 5G in the past. The company has said that with its help in India, users will get 5G speeds up to 1Gbps. Jio is also working on plans to launch the cheapest 5G smartphone in India.

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