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iOS 13 Problems: Apple's new update becomes the cause of 'Aafat', users upset – after 13.5 update apple users are facing new problems on ipad and iphone, company confirms

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IOS 13.5 was considered the most important of the updates given by Apple in the last several years. This is the reason that users were asked to install this update immediately because with the help of this update Apple fixed the deficiencies and bugs that were revealed in iOS 13. However, this update is also not completely bug-free and new problems have been confirmed by Apple for iPhone and iPad users.

After the new updates, users are complaining about the rapid battery drain, while a big problem has been confirmed by the company. Apple Customer Support has admitted that many users with iPad OS are facing the problem of boot-loop on their iPad Pro, in addition to media playback with the files with popular MP4 and MPEG formats, both iPad and iPhone users are not getting it. Getting

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IPad rebooting frequently

AppleInsider has stated that the 10.5-inch iPad Pro is receiving repeated reboot problems and the device automatically rebots between 30 and 45 seconds after logging in. This problem is not being fixed for many users even after full factory reset and putting the device in DFU mode. Similar reports are coming from many iPhone users as well, which are on iOS 13.4.1 and 13.5 iOS / iPadOS.

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MP4 files not playing

After both the latest updates, users are also facing difficulty in MP4 video playback. Apart from this, users are also not getting access to their video library with the help of native library or third party apps like NPlayer and InFuse. Default recording from Apple has been switched to HEVC format in iOS 11 but MP4 video format is still among the most common formats. Apple can fix these problems in the next updates but no official date has been revealed yet.

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