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IPhone 1,29,900 for only ₹ 69,000, know how much is the price of iPhone 12 in which country

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Four devices iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max have been launched by Apple in the new iPhone 12 lineup. In the US, Apple has kept the price of new models close to the devices it brought last year, but their price in India has surprised everyone. The price of the iPhone 12 lineup is higher in India than in the whole world, that is, the iPhone 12 is getting the most expensive here. Let us see what is the starting price of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro in which country.

The cheapest iPhone 12 models are available in the US. Here, buyers can buy the iPhone 12 for $ 943 (about Rs. 69,150). At the same time, the iPhone 12 Pro is available in the US for $ 1,071 (about Rs 78,550). After this comes Japan on the second position, where the iPhone 12 is priced at $ 947 (about Rs 69,500) and the iPhone 12 Pro can be purchased for $ 1,114 (about Rs 81,700). The price of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro in neighboring country China has been kept at $ 1,010 (about Rs. 74,000) and $ 1,262 (about Rs. 92,550).

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Price higher in France and Germany
In the UK, buyers are getting the iPhone 12 for $ 1,096 (about Rs 80,400) and the iPhone 12 Pro for $ 1,262 (about Rs 92,550). Both these devices can be purchased by buyers in Russia for $ 1,101 (about Rs. 80,750) and $ 1,262 (about Rs. 92,550). Talking about which countries are getting the most expensive new iPhone models, Germany’s name comes on the third position. In Germany, buyers will have to pay $ 1,085 (about Rs 79,600) for iPhone 12 and $ 1,314 (about Rs 96,400) for iPhone 12 Pro. After India, the most expensive iPhones are available in France, where the iPhone 12 is priced at $ 1,126 (about Rs 82,600) and the iPhone 12 Pro is priced at $ 1,361 (about Rs 99,800).

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This is because iPhone is expensive
The most expensive iPhone 12 models are being sold in India. Here, the price of iPhone 12 has been kept at $ 1,158 (Rs 79,900) and iPhone 12 Pro has been priced at $ 1,636 (Rs 1,19,900). The reason for the difference in price of iPhone 12 lineup in different countries is the custom duty and import tax imposed there. In countries where Apple manufactures its iPhone, where its price is low, but where the company imports and sells ready-made devices, its price increases considerably. The custom duty on iPhones in India is between 15 and 28 percent and now the GST has also increased.

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