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IPL-13: Virtual Gaming will happen on the day when there are no matches – virtual games will be played on non matches games during ipl

Edited By Bharat Malhotra | IANS | Updated: 30 Jul 2020, 04:55:00 PM IST

What will players do when the match does not happen

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With the 13th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) scheduled to be played in the UAE, the franchises are paying attention to what the players will do on the day the match is not held. The only reason for this is that due to the current situation due to Covid-19 players, players will not be able to go outside the hotel as they used to do in earlier seasons. At the same time, the BCCI has not yet given approval to take the teams with the family.

A franchise official said that what the players will do on the day when there is no match is in their agenda because in this environment they will not be able to go out of the team hotel. He said, “This is definitely a matter of discussion, but I would say that this is the biggest challenge this year.” When you know that the players will stay in the room for two months, then you have to give them options. Xbox and gaming facilities will dominate. Don't be surprised if players play FIFA more than IPL in two months. '

“Also, foosball is a game which is very popular among players, besides pool and table tennis,” the official said. You cannot just tell the players that they cannot go out of the hotel. You have to create an atmosphere that the players are excited about coming to the team room on the day when there is no match. '

Admitting this, another franchise official said, “You can watch the film on Netphilics is a good thing.” You can also do this in your room. We have to think differently to keep the players busy. It will definitely be a challenge for us, especially when the families of the players are not together. We will get information about this from BCCI in the next few days. We are to meet him on this matter after the IPL Governing Council meeting. '

There are reports that the franchisees have appealed to the BCCI to take away the families of the players and support staff. Franchisees, however, have said that families do not go together and go in pieces.

He said, 'The best thing in the UAE is that if your Covid-19report comes negative then you don't have to go to the Quarantine. Therefore, some franchisees have appealed that the players' wives or girlfriends be allowed to go there for some time. She is not asking for two months' approval, just asking for 10-12 days because it is a difficult time and if you have someone of your own then it does nothing. It is expected that a decision will be taken in the IPL GC meeting on Sunday.

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