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ipl 2020: signs of IPL will be available in UAE, franchisees in preparation – ipl will be help in uae franchises got signals now they start their planning

Edited By Arun Kumar | IANS | Updated: 18 Jul 2020, 02:44:00 PM IST

  • League franchisees get clear signal, this time IPL will be held in UAE
  • Franchisees in search of hotel in Abu Dhabi, work on other planning also started
  • Focus on UAE Health Guidelines, Players and Team Staff to Follow
  • Players plan to fly from chartered plane to UAE when schedule is set

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The BCCI is awaiting the ICC's decision on the T20 World Cup to take a final decision on the IPL. But the franchisees have probably realized that the league will be held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) this year. Therefore, teams have started preparations for this. A franchise official said that they have started arranging arrangements and have also started choosing the hotels in Abu Dhabi in which their team will stay.

With this, preparations have started on how the team will train there. One official said, 'You have to be smart and prepare early. We have been given the necessary information and we are preparing accordingly. We have decided which hotel we will stay in Abu Dhabi and how to get there and what will be the quarantine process by arriving in UAE. We will definitely have to follow the health guidelines of that country.

A former winning franchisee official said that she was talking about the isolation period in India before leaving for the UAE. He said, 'We are preparing for the players to gather in India. We will put the team in a bio-secure environment, conduct tests and then leave for the UAE.

The batsmen who scored the most runs in a season of IPLThe batsmen who scored the most runs in a season of IPL

He said, 'The reason behind this is that we are all living at home. So if any of us come out without symptoms, then it will infect others. So it would be good that we go for a few weeks in isolation and leave for the exits here after conducting tests in India.

When asked about the traffic plan from another franchisee official, he said that the charter plane is the best option as no one knows whether the normal air service will start by then. The officer said, 'I think most of the teams would be thinking about the charter plan if not all the teams. You do not know if the normal air service will start by the last week of August or not and all the teams would like to arrive in the UAE by the last week of August or at least by the first week of September. '

Fielder catching the most catches in IPLFielder catching the most catches in IPL

He said, 'In this situation it would be better to travel along charter plane as we will have a staff of 35-40 people who will go to UAE. When you go out, the number of people increases greatly. Another franchise official, however, brushed it off saying that he is thinking about first class travel and the franchise is not thinking of collecting players in any way in India.

He said, 'To be honest, if you ask me, we are thinking of first class travel as a franchisee because it can make a good distance. The only reason for this is that we may not gather in India and leave the Covid-19Test for UAE from their respective places.

Governing Council Chairman said, IPL will be held in September-OctoberGoverning Council Chairman said, IPL will be held in September-October

He told, 'In this situation you cannot expect the owner to arrange 8-10 charter trips. But yes, if the normal airline does not start then it will be a different situation. All the franchises, however, are unanimous in calling all foreign players directly to the UAE.

He said, 'We were discussing all the systemic things and let me make sure one thing for you that we all have a view that foreign players will meet the teams directly in the UAE. Just think, if someone first came to India for 10-14 days, there was a quarantine and then after going to the UAE, there was a quarantine. Foreign players will meet directly there if the franchisees do not change their strategy at the last moment.

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