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IPL 2021: Parthiv Patel removing Khunnus from RCB during commentary? Fans flared up on this tweet


  • Is Parthiv Patel still angry with RCB?
  • RCB fans have raised questions based on the commentary
  • Parthiv Patel’s tweet – People don’t want to hear the truth
  • RCB fans laughed a lot, saying – taking out the blood

New Delhi
Former cricketer Parthiv Patel is infuriated by Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) fans. Patel has been critical of the RCB during his IPL commentary, which according to the fans is a result of his ‘Khunnas’. Patel said in a tweet on Wednesday morning that ‘Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want to let their illusions break’.

Parthiv Patel has been a member of Royal Challengers Bangalore. He is now retired and often talks about RCB. RCB fans have been agitated over the tweet that Patel tweeted on Wednesday. Some even called Patel a ‘snake’. One user wrote that last year RCB did not play a single match, so Parthiv is now talking such bitter things.

Why are RCB fans angry?
In the last two matches, Patel has said many such things that RCB fans did not like at all. The first is that RCB coach Mike Hewson does not do any work. Patel had jokingly said that Hewson has nothing to do in RCB so he should come in the commentary. Patel then called the change in the batting order of AB de Villiers a ‘lack of common sense’.

RCB fans are upset over Parthiv Patel
RCB fans have attacked Patel’s tweet. His commentary is being described as ‘poisonous’ and ‘full of jealousy’. Many fans wrote that Parthiv Patel is upset due to the good performance of Devadatta Paddikal last year and is taking out the same thing in the commentary. One fan said that Parthiv Patel’s hatred towards RCB is going on increasing.

Parthiv Patel raised many questions on RCB
Patel said after the IPL auction that RCB did not answer many questions. He said that ‘one player can change the playing 11 composition of the team. We have to think beyond Virat Kohli and Abraham de Villiers. But it also has to be seen how much they try to win. ‘

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