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IPL 2021: Sunil Gavaskar, a fan of AB de Villiers, said, I want to see him batting 20 overs

Former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar is quite surprised to see the innings of Royal Challengers Bangalore batsman AB de Villiers against Delhi Capitals. In Ahmedabad on Tuesday, De Villiers smashed 75 off 42 balls to take his team to a score of 170. This innings of De Villiers proved to be the real difference between the two teams. In the end, Delhi lost the match by just one run.

Sunil Gavaskar described De Villiers’ innings as magical and surprising. He said that it is really great for fans to see De Villiers batting like this.

Gavaskar said in an interaction with the official broadcaster Star Sports, ‘This is fantastic. It was a magical shift. You can roam around the world to see his batting, because he is capable. They make you very happy. The way he plays some shots, you see your mouth open. ‘

Gavaskar also said that he would like to see AB de Villiers batting some more time. He said that the 37-year-old player should open the innings for Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Gavaskar said, ‘When you see such a genier, you just want to keep looking at them. You say to the front team, listen – ‘Listen, why don’t you send him to start the innings because we want to see him more instead of getting out to bat in the 10th or 11th over. Oh good de Villiers do 20 overs batting. ‘ As a former batsman, whenever I see AB de Villiers batting in this manner, I want him to just keep batting.

AB de Villiers is called Mr. 360 because of his ability to play shots in every corner of the field. On Tuesday, Gavaskar became a fan of the shot he played at the top of the third man in the moment. He said, ‘We talk of big sixes. There was a shot on which he played the ramp shot and sent the ball over the Thirdman boundary. It was a great shot because he deliberately opened the bat face at the last moment.

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