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IPL amid covid 19: IPL-franchisees have a lot of questions in UAE, but few answers – ipl 2020 in uae franchises have too many questions few answers

Edited By Arun Kumar | | Updated: 27 Jul 2020, 12:29:00 PM IST

K. Srinivasa Rao, Mumbai

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is now going to the UAE. Top officials of BCCI have also confirmed this. The league will be played from 19 September to 8 November. Although the Board of Control for Cricket in India has not yet shared some things with the franchisee, there is a lot of confusion about it. Now the board should start telling its words.

No information has been given to the franchisees about this season 'officially' from the board so far. Because of this there are some concerns among them. Our associate newspaper Times of India talked to team owners and officials about this and tried to find out their concerns.

When is the IPL governing council and franchisee meeting

When is the IPL Governing Council meeting and when does the BCCI want to call all franchisees? Since the matter will not progress until everyone has an opinion. And it is necessary to have complete communication. The franchisee says that the matter has already been delayed a lot.

Official confirmation of dates, grounds and match-schedule

The team and their owners are currently in talks with sponsors. Talks were held with most sponsors in February. The IPL was to begin in March at that time. However, a lot has changed since then. This time the league is being held outside India. Happening in September-November. Will be in empty grounds. In such a situation, there will be re-negotiation on sponsorship. Franchisees say that sponsors will have to give details of many things in detail so that things can be planned afresh. It also includes television exposure, prime-time consumption and screen time for brands.

Revenue sharing

All 60 matches will be according to the schedule so far. For this, a 51-day IPL window has also been fixed. In such a situation, the team owners expect revenue sharing from the central pool. It also includes earnings from broadcasting rights. There is not going to be any significant difference in that earnings. With this, every IPL franchisee can incur a loss of about 2.5 to 3.5 crores of gate revenue (viewership earnings) from every match. This loss will be around 20-25 crores in the entire season. Will the BCCI make up for it? Along with this, hotel booking in India, etc. is also affordable. The UAE will prove to be slightly more expensive for the franchisee. If one calculates, during the IPL, UAE will book about 60 thousand room nights. Will it be accounted for in revenue?

Players-related information

Franchisees also have many questions about the players. Taking players back to UAE and back. Taking players' family, bringing and returning foreign players to the UAE, replacement of a player in the absence, a player unavailable for medical reasons, players loaned during the tournament. Isolation rules in the UAE. Obeying everyday rules. These are many questions that are in the minds of franchise owners. They want their questions from the board. The team owners know that it is their responsibility to bring and bring the players back to the UAE but it can be implemented only when the BCCI clarifies its policy.

Bio secure bubble

The most important thing is the safety of all. What policy is the BCCI making to protect everyone, especially the players. Meanwhile, franchisees are making their plans. He has sent his staff to Quarantine. Has kept its medical staff ready. Sharing information with team management. Regularly informing players about this. With this, we are aware about sanitation, hygiene etc. Franchisees know that there is no scope for a mistake and one mistake can have an impact on the entire league.

This is also the problem

Taking the IPL to UAE is also a huge task in terms of logistics. The organizers also understand this. Ajit Singh, the head of BCCI's Anti-Corruption Unit, says that this time it will be a little easier to monitor the league as the league will be played on only three grounds. He said, 'ACU work in UAE will be easy. There will be only three plains against the eight plains of India. It is not a problem. Once the schedule comes, we will decide the workforce.

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