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IPL Playoffs: Chennai Super Kings win interesting playoff math, how Kolkata’s hopes got a shock

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In the IPL 2020, now only seven matches are yet to be played in the league stage. Playoff races have become quite interesting. The figures change after every match. On Thursday, Chennai Super Kings defeated Kolkata Knight Riders to secure their fifth win of the season. This victory put Kolkata in trouble, while raising expectations for Punjab, Rajasthan and Hyderabad. Only Chennai team is out from the playoff race and all the other teams are standing in this race.

Shankar Raghunathan of the Times of India has tried to know from the numbers, which team is expected to reach the final four.

1- On Thursday, the Chennai Super Kings are unlikely to reach the playoffs. There is only 5.5% chance of the team reaching the last four (if not the net run rate).

2- There is a 25% chance that KKR are joint fourth in points, but their chances of making it to the playoffs are very low due to poor neternet.

3- Chennai’s win has raised hopes that he might not finish last. There is a 50 per cent chance that he will not finish eighth.

4- After Kolkata’s defeat, Kings XI Punjab’s chances of reaching the last four without relying on the net run rate has increased. Earlier it was less than six percent, now it has been more than nine percent.

5- Kings XI Punjab has 75 percent chance to occupy one of the top four positions.

6- Sunrisers Hyderabad’s hopes of reaching the final four have also increased after Kolkata’s defeat.

7- The chances of Rajasthan Royals also finishing fourth have increased by 5.5 percent.

8- Mumbai Indians cannot go below the second position in terms of points.

9- Delhi Capitals and Royal Challengers Bangalore are now confirmed to be in the top 4 or both these teams can also remain joint in one place.

10- It is also possible that Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Punjab- all four teams are jointly on 16 points.

11- For this to happen, Punjab will have to win their remaining matches and Delhi will have to win from Mumbai and lose to Bangalore and Bangalore will have to lose to Hyderabad.

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