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Issue of modulating and mapping tools on stakeholder and community engagement in quality of care initiatives for maternity, neonatal and child health

WHO and UNICEF have recently published a module to guide policy makers and program implementers working on quality improvement in maternal, newborn and child health, broadening and meaningful stakeholder and community engagement with quality improvement ( QI).

Orientation module

This module praises the implementation guide developed by the network for improving the quality of care for maternal, newborn and child health (QoC network). Four major themes are covered, including: the rationale for engagement; Create and strengthen partnerships; Strategy for information, communication and advocacy; And monitoring, evaluation and teaching.

Resource mapping

Seven tools of the Quality of Care Network Implementation Framework * identified 70 tools to advance stakeholder and community engagement. The tools are available through an online portal, which allows to focus on different topics and be used depending on the stage of implementation.

* 1) Establish leadership groups, 2) Situation analysis, 3) Adaptive standards of care, 4) Identification of QI interventions, 5) Implementation of QI interventions, 6) Continuous measurement of quality outcomes and 7) Refinement of strategies.

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