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jasprit bumrah bowling: Jasprit Bumrah said lack of saliva would be felt, not high-five – we need an alternative to saliva says indian fast bowler jasprit bumrah

Bumrah said, there will be lack of saliva

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India's top fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah will not miss the hug or lack of high-five on the field but he will definitely feel the lack of use of saliva on the ball and believes that it provided an alternative should go.

The ICC Cricket Committee, headed by former India captain Anil Kumble, has suggested a ban on the use of saliva on the ball when cricket is restored following the Coronavirus pandamic.

The committee also did not allow the use of artificial material on the ball. The new rule will create quite difficult conditions for bowlers. Like many former and current fast bowlers, Bumrah also believes that saliva should be an option.

He told Ian Bishop and Shaun Pollock in the ICC video series' Inside Out ',' I am not one of the hugs or high-fives on the field anyway, so I lack it Will not eat But you will miss the use of saliva. '

Bumrah said, “I don't know what the guidelines will be when the game is restored but I believe there should be an alternative.” He said that not using saliva on the ball would make the game completely batsman friendly. He said, “Not using saliva on the ball will cause a lot of difficulty for the bowlers. The grounds are getting smaller and the wickets are also getting flat. '

Bumrah said, “We need the option to maintain the brightness of the ball so that it can swing or reverse swing.” When Bishop said that the conditions were favorable to fast bowlers for the last few years, Bumrah agreed with him. He said, 'This is true in Test cricket. This is why it is my favorite format. In ODIs and T20 cricket, the ball does not get reverse swing at all. '

He is surprised at the batsmen's complaint that the ball takes swing. Bumrah said, “Whenever we play, batsmen say that the ball is taking swing. Not only in our team, everywhere. But the ball will swing. We do not get into the field just to throw a throwdown.

The Ahmedabad bowler, who could not bowl for the last two months, said he did not know how his body would react when the game was restored. He said, 'I don't know how the body will react after bowling after two-three months. I am taking full care of the body to stay fit. I practice six days a week but have not bowled for a long time. '

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