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Jonas Brothers accused of being Black Woman

Pop superstars Jonas Brothers – Kevin, Joe and Nick – have been accused of having an affair with a black woman.

Garron, a black woman whose profile mentions that she is an editor at The Onion and a stand-up comedian, claimed the musician’s siblings were for her, reports aceshowbiz.com.

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He posted a string of tweets talking about his experience with the “Saqqara” hitmakers. When they took part in the Thanksgiving Day Parade, the celebrity brothers remembered the garrisons.

Garon wrote: “Once happy I was on a float in the Mess Day Parade with the Jonas Brothers and they were with me.”

She also shared a hazy photo which she said was on a boat with the Jonas Brothers.

It is not clear when the picture clicked because their faces cannot be seen clearly, but it seemed that before the brothers’ 2013 split and their return in 2019.

“I think it’s raining and I was being taunted by a band of lip siblings, all in a great experience, she wrote as captions.

Garron did not share details about the alleged bullying incident but a social media user supported her story.

The person wrote: “My dad hates the Jonas Brothers because he used to work in a hotel restaurant and Joe Jonas sent his food back 4 times.”

Another user cited former child actors Dylan and Cole Spruce, criticizing the Jonas Brothers.

“I’ve said before and I’ll say it again that the Spouse twins were cute, Spores Brothers Hive Rise, Goodbye Jonads” the user wrote.

Garon replied to the user and wrote, “I am also Team Sprouse, they are well adjusted and this is saying a lot for child stars.”

The Jonas Brothers have not responded to Garron’s complaint.

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Stay tuned for more updates.

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