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June 18 Deadline: Celo Foundation Wave IV Grant Program – Cryptoninjas

The Cello Foundation, a nonprofit supporting the development of the Cello Open Blockchain Platform, recently announced a new grant program. The program is an initiative to support committed projects of cello Mission to build a financial system that creates a state of prosperity for all.

Grants are based on four key areas:

  • Promote innovation and development of the Celo platform and Cello reference wallets
  • Reducing barriers to entry, encouraging cello access for developers and end users.
  • Educating and expanding the global community of cello.
  • Expanding the reach, opportunity and impact of cello.

The Celo community ecosystem has been growing since the launch of the Celo mainnet last year. To date, the Celo Foundation Grants Program has supported 90+ projects in 54 countries, with a value of $4.9 million in funding over the past three waves; The final wave generated strong interest with over 170 applications.

The Cello Foundation is now pleased to invite developers, designers, dreamers and doers around the world to work on some key priorities for the cello ecosystem. For ideas not on the list below, feel free to submit it or join it #Allows conversations on Discord For feedback.

Applications can be submitted for Wave IV of the Cello Foundation Grant Here.

The last date for submission of applications is June 18, 2021.

What are the priorities of the Celo Foundation to advance Celo’s mission? Creating a financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity—for all?

Reducing barriers to entry

  • Ramp on / off: A proposal to provide users with more options to purchase and sell cello assets easily and obediently, especially with CUSD and CEUR fiat currencies.
  • Multi-Chain Wallet: Proposals from multi-chain wallet providers to add cello assets that will help connect other digital asset users with cello.
  • Open API to accept cUSD and cEUR online: Proposal to make it easier for online merchants to accept cUSD and for users to spend their cUSD and cEUR without any off-ramp. Related, offer for ECommerce Plugins Who leverage APIs such as WooCommerce, Shopify and BigCommerce.
  • Agent Network: To promote financial inclusion, agent networks play a vital role in educating users and giving them access to crypto assets. Agent networks in some major emerging markets may further benefit the larger cello community to promote cello use and adoption.


  • Community funding platform: Entrepreneurs on the Celo platform will benefit from compliance and being able to raise funds at a lower cost. The proposals may include the creation of a compliance platform that encourages liquidity providers and founders to participate in mission-aligned projects within the cello ecosystem.
  • Lending / Lending Platforms: Lending platforms can help with our core mission of building financial inclusion. Zero collateralized and undercollateralized loans Are particularly interesting, as well as solutions that support credit markets such as Credit scoring, and insurance.
  • Liquidity Management: Tools that help automate various strategies to manage liquidity for digital assets.
  • Defy aggregators: One obstacle in adopting DeFi is the accessibility and understanding of the users. DeFi aggregators can simplify the user experience of interacting with the DeFi protocol.
  • Tokenization of different asset classes: NXT is being used to enable new asset classes on the blockchain – and we are just now starting to find out what is possible. The Celo Foundation would like to see more research into how new types of asset classes are created and deployed on Celo.

Producer economy

  • Market: Platform for creators to launch their work directly into their communities using the cello blockchain.
  • DAO: Systems that enable collective ownership among creators, publishers, and their audiences.
  • Social Media Platform: Forums that leverage social relationships to enable collaboration between artists, creators, and their audiences, and to co-produce, perform, and exchange NXTs.


  • Credit card and physical card-based solutions: Proposals that enable cello users to earn rewards using payment cards and / or spend cello assets.
  • Decentralized market And / or use cases: Allowing and educating buyers and sellers to interact and transact in a trustworthy, non-permissive manner.
  • Integrate Payments with SMS/iOS Messenger: More ways to transact through the cello network through familiar interfaces to encourage accessibility.

Promote Cello Adoption

  • Online directory where cello is available locally: As the community develops more ways to access Celo properties, a regularly updated online directory will be helpful for users to know where they can access CELO, CUSD and CEUR in their area.
  • Earning programs. Offers that help users earn cello assets, for example, MicroWork.
  • Referrals, Rewards and Cashback Programs: Proposals that enable cello users to refer their friends and family, make transactions, and earn rewards using the cello property.


  • Localized technical and non-technical education and tutorials: Educational programs in native languages, especially programs in Tagalog / Filipino, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Turkish and German, but all are welcome. Priority will be given to technical education for developers new to Blockchain and Web3.
  • Incentives and Simplified Learning Programs: Learning something new and technically complex can be challenging – this is why the Cello Foundation wants to see programs that encourage learning and / or leverage the dynamics of gameplay.
  • Content and education: Create and promote mobile-friendly programs that showcase the potential of cello technology and its mobile-first approach. Some use cases for content include community currencies, natural asset-backed currencies, and universal basic income (UBI).

community building

  • Raising awareness of Cello Platform, CELO, CUSD and CEUR: Help the community to connect the next 1 billion Celo users. Blockchain still presents high barriers to access, and the Celo Foundation is looking for ideas to help overcome these barriers and make it easier for all to access the benefits of Web3. Specifically ideas that target traders and remittance users in emerging markets.
  • University Student Club: The Cello Foundation would love to help student groups worldwide create blockchain education programs and curricula to suit their needs.
  • Community Based Solutions: The Cello Foundation is interested in supporting teams that are working on any request made through inclusive community-based solutions.


  • Offline Transactions: Support for offline or local network transactions in the Celo blockchain client for use in wallets with low connectivity. For example, it will allow a user with no Internet access to send transactions through the merchant’s retail POS or phone using NFC, Bluetooth, or 2 QR code scans.
  • Privacy (Identity and Transaction): The Celo Foundation is interested in R&D and implementation around compliance methods to maintain confidentiality as it relates to on-chain identity and transactions.
  • PLUMO PROVERS: Plumo requires participants who can contribute computational resources to run the Plumo provers to produce evidence and gossip them throughout the network.


  • Blockchain Monitoring: The Cello Foundation is looking for tools that make it easier for developers to listen to the cello network and trigger other tasks (potentially via a webhook).
  • Block Searchers: There are a few popular Celo Block Explorers, but the Block Explorer variety is an important part of a healthy Blockchain network.

The research

  • Local Currency Toolkit: Local currencies supported by blockchain technology have the potential to re-shape and revitalize communities. The Celo Foundation wants to support teams exploring what this might look like and how to execute it, as well as share their research with the wider blockchain and local currency community.
  • CBDC Sandbox: The Central Bank’s digital currencies are coming online. How can central banks leverage public blockchain networks, and how can they be connected? The Celo Foundation is seeking applications for projects that could help central banks join Celo.
  • Bond Issuing Sandbox: It deals with tokenizing various asset classes, but focuses on how bonds are issued on Celo.

Timeline and key dates

  • application deadline: 18 June 2021
  • Announcement of Celo Foundation Grant Recipients: 21 July 2021

for more information:

Applications can be submitted Here. For additional information and any questions, email [email protected]

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