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Kangana Ranaut reacts to Bollywood’s ‘reject’ Vinata Nanda, saying, ‘It’s best for you that Dollywood is …’

Kangana Ranaut has been very vocal about the ‘inappropriate behavior’ of outsiders in the death of Bollywood Post Sushant Singh Rajput. The ‘Panga’ actress expressed her displeasure after film bodies and producers filed a lawsuit against some media channels to discredit the Hindi film industry. The ‘Queen’ star, who has been in the news for two months due to her explosive statements, has now urged her fans to ‘dismiss’ the word Bollywood.

The ‘fashion’ actress said that the word Bollywood is ‘copy and steal’ from Hollywood.

Kangana tweeted, “Articles are and BHANDS. INDIAN is FILM industry and BOLLYWOOD is #IndiaRejectBollywood. The most ridiculous word BOLLYWOOD is copied and stolen by itself. Please reject this derogatory word #IndiaRejectBollywood,” Kangana tweeted .

Producer Vinta Nanda reacted strongly to Kangana’s tweet and wrote, “It is best for you to have #NOLIDA soon in #NOIDA. This way you will leave #Bollywood alone and let people do the same , As you wish and you can too. “

(Story is being updated)

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