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Know whether PUBG Mobile will be launched in India or not, and when will it happen?

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PUBG game enthusiasts in India have been waiting for a long time to see if the ban on PUBG ends somehow or this gaming company will launch the homegrown version of PUBG Mobile India. Developers of PUBG App are also trying their best to restart this most popular game in India, but they are not getting permission from the government. At the same time, the exact information about when the launch of FAU-G app, which is considered to be a desi pubg, will not be revealed. In such a situation, PUBG lovers are waiting for PUBG Mobile India to start somehow in India.

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What will happen next?
According to the report of the site called InsideSport, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) has not allowed PUBG or its Indian version to resume in India. Earlier news was coming that the PUBG Mobile India game could be restarted on November, but it could not happen. Recently, PUBG India sought time to hold a meeting with the officials of the ministry, but there was no positive response from the ministry. Actually, during the meeting itself, it can be confirmed that PUBG mobile game app can be re-launched in India or not?

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Millions of fans of this game in India

When will it start?
It is now believed that during January-February next year, a concrete decision may be taken to start PubG Mobile India and PubG is trying its best to talk to the government in this regard. However, it is only after the government’s attitude that the future of PUBG in India will be known. Let me tell you that if the government bans a mobile app, then the company associated with it cannot launch any other or new app without the permission of the government.

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PUBG Mobile India Latest Updates 2

Next year, some concrete decision is possible on the future of PUBG in India

Tittock also
After the Indo-China border dispute, the Indian government had banned more than 200 Chinese apps, including pubic as well as TickTalk. Short video sharing app TITTOC is in its best efforts to resume its function in India, but does not look anything positive like the government.

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