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Kovid-19: Johnson & Johnson’s Vaccine Produces Stronger Immunity, Claims Greater Test Results

A singular dose of Johnson and Johnson’s Covid-19vaccine has revealed strong immunity. It is claimed in the Interim ResultJ published on Friday. The company got a lot of encouragement after the monkeys received strong protection from J and J’s Singal Dose in July. He began pre-secondary human testing against coronavirus infection with the help of the US government.

Immunity Revealed by J & J’s Vaccine

The result showed that two different doses of J and J’s vaccine Ad26.COV2.S also proved to be equally effective. However, it is not yet clear whether the elderly will be able to get protection after the use of J and J’s vaccine in the same way that the younger generation gets protection from the vaccine as the immune response has been received.

Immune response results were detected in 15 patients above 65 years of age. Researchers said more details of safety and impact will be given after the study is completed. Researchers at the pharma unit say that on the acceptance of an interim study of the data so far, it can be said that 98 percent of the walletiers were manufactured anti-bodies. Cells that protect against pathogen attack after vaccination are called anti-bodies.

Owners test results revealed

Significantly, the elderly are the most vulnerable to the coronavirus epidemic. On the basis of the present results, J and J have started the final phase of human trials on 60 thousand people on Wednesday. The company said that it hoped that the results of the third phase of human trials could come at the end of the year or early next year. The results have been released on the medical website but have not been reviewed.

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