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kumble 10 wickets: Anil Kumble said, if DRS had happened, I would have taken 10 wickets in the first innings in the Delhi Test against Pakistan – anil kumble said if drs had been there i would have taken 10 wickets earlier

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Anil Kumble took 10 wickets in Delhi Test

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Team India's former leg-spinner Anil Kumble set a record by taking ten wickets in an innings against Pakistan (India vs Pakistan Delhi Test) in Delhi. However, Kumble believes that if he had DRS in his era, he would have already done this miracle in that match.

Kumble said this in a conversation with Ravichandran Ashwin on a YouTube channel. In this video, Kumble shared his other cricketing experiences against Pakistan apart from 10 wickets in an innings (Anil Kumble 10 wickets in innings).

Never thought

Ashwin asked Kumble about the experience when he had taken 9 wickets. And people were trying to get him 10 wickets. Javagal Srinath was consistently throwing the ball outside the off stump. He even told Sadagopan Ramesh not to take a catch.

To this, the former captain said that he never thought that he would take all 10 wickets of the innings. He just wanted to get the best out of his career.

Kumble said, 'T break occurred when I took six wickets. So when I came back I was tired. Since I continued bowling in that spell from lunch to tea. Then on the tee I realized that I could improve my prior performance. I never thought of taking all 10 wickets.

Anil Kumble recalled that he took the 8th and 9th wickets from the last two balls of the over.

Audience gave prayers

He said, 'I don't think you go into the match thinking that you will take all 10 wickets. However, you prepare in the same way i.e. how will I bowling the batsmen from number 1 to 11? It happens in your mind. So the 8th and 9th wickets were on the fifth and sixth balls of that over.

Kumble thanked the audience and said, “When I went to fielding the third man with nine wickets, I started getting good wishes from the audience. People were saying don't worry, you will get all 10 wickets.

Akram did not take a single

Kumble said that his plan was to get Wasim Akram away from the bat by giving him a run and bowl at number 11 batsman Waqar Younis. For this he had also beaten the mid-on, mid-off but only after two balls he understood that Akram would not take a single. After this, Kumble changed his strategy and got left-handed Akram caught out by Wasim Akram at short leg.

Did the umpire discriminate?

Ashwin reminded Kumble that he ran backwards when he took the last wicket, at that time it seemed that he would pick up umpire Jayaprakash. However, Kumble denied this.

He said, 'It is quite surprising. I think everyone wanted to be a part of this event. Maybe Jai is also thinking that this was a special moment for him too. I know there was a lot of discussion that Jai is also from Bangalore. But after all he is the umpire … I think it is nonsense that when you start giving credit for the wicket to the umpires or the umpire's favoritism.

Ashwin said there was no doubt about any decision. If DRS had happened then it would have been proved.

To this, Kumble said, “If DRS had happened then, he might have already completed his 10 wickets.”

Kumble took all 10 wickets against Pakistan in the second innings of the 1999 Test match in Delhi. Pakistan had a target of 420 runs. Kumble took 10 wickets for 74 runs and Pakistan were all out for 207 runs. India won the match by 212 runs.


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