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Learn from Farah Khan about the ultimate cinematic experience of Samsung QLED TV

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What makes Movie Night the most fun? Heart-warming stories? Star-studded cast? Music? Or the Cinematic Experience, which brings all these things together while watching a movie on the big screen. We all know the answer to this and Bollywood’s well-known director Farah Khan also agrees – all these things can only be enjoyed by a fantastic cinematic experience. We all fell in love with the slow-motion action scene of ‘Main Hoon Na’ and the brilliant colorful dance performances of ‘Happy New Year’. But is there any way we could enjoy these movies more? Farah Khan has the answer – it is possible with Samsung QLED TV.

Directors do not only play an important role in making a movie, but how to entertain their hard work, the director also has a vision. And there is no doubt that the Larger-Than-Life screen is the best way to make Larger-Than-Life Entertainment better. Samsung has delivered this experience with its great QLED TV.

Say hello to the brilliant Samsung QLED TV – Vibrant colors and real cinematic sound

Big screen sizes such as 55 ” (1m 38cm), 65 ” (1m 63m) and the stunning 75 “(1m 89 cm) and 85” (2m 16cm) options are perfect for the big-screen experience we’ve been using for the past several months. Missing from. Samsung QLED TV’s screen will take you into the entertainment world and captures everything with perfect clarity. Plus, Samsung QLED TV has 100% color volume with a billion of subtlety. Captures Colors. The credit goes to Quantum Dot Technology given in this TV. Farah Khan really liked this feature of Samsung QLED TV, it brought his direction to life! Watch, first of Happy New Year Movie How did the scene come to life on this breath-taking television?

Magical Movie Experience with 100% Color Volume
Samsung QLED TV 100% Color Volume on TV instantly takes you to the world of a movie or show you are watching. AI Upscaling ensures that all your movies, videos and shows are as clear as possible, regardless of their source. QLED TV offers a much better experience with the Adaptive Picture feature provided in this television. But that’s not all. This masterpiece comes with a 10-year No Screen Burn-in Warranty, so this investment will continue to benefit you for many years to come.

Real Like Experience with Object Tracking Sound
A true cinematic experience requires a surround sound experience that draws all your attention and makes you forget the real things around you. This is easily possible with Samsung QLED TV and is attributed to the Object Tracking Sound (OTS) feature in this TV. Do you want to know what this feature is? The OTS system actively tracks all the different objects in the scene and then delivers the audio accordingly. In other words, if you are enjoying a quiet beach scene, then you can hear the noise of the waves of the rocks hitting the air and feel the peace that comes with it. This simple but genius feature makes a vibrant difference in your viewing experience and takes you through the movie in one scene at a time. The Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) in Samsung QLED TV ensures that we can hear all dialogues clearly, even the whispers that occur between the lead pair in an action-packed scene. With the help of this feature, your movie experience is more fun, even in the midst of laughter and conversation at home, you can have a better movie experience. By amplifying the voice in the scene, AVA helps deliver a clear dialog every time.


Farah Khan highly praised this great device that enlivened film-making and ensured that the audience was more immersed. Ultimately this is what a director can ask for and Samsung QLED TV has delivered this in every case. But there is a lot more to this breathetaking device that we are excited about. We have not talked about Television’s Finomonal immersive design which fits it in your wall with the boundless design all around.

The Samsung QLED TV comes with a very slim design and its Ambient Mode + makes it disappear when it hits the wall. In this mode too, there is no lack of information and entertainment in the TV and all this can be easily done with the touch of a button.

Apart from these cool features of Samsung QLED TV, the brand is also offering many offers that will make you want to switch to this breathtaking TV to enjoy this entertainment. Samsung has extended the Diwali Offer till 30 November. So you can enjoy festive sale with attractive EMI option (debit card EMI too). In addition to 10 percent cashback on select debit and credit cards, a 3-year warranty is also being offered on the product. This warranty is in addition to the 10-year no burn-in warranty given by the company on the screen. So, if you want to enjoy a cinematic experience then buy this device approved by Farah Khan today!

Disclaimer: This article has been prepared by the Spotlight team of Times Internet on behalf of Samsung.

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