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Logistics the main challenge for taking IPL 2020 to UAE

| | Updated: 25 Jul 2020, 08:40:00 AM IST

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The much-awaited Indian Premier League (IPL) schedule has been reported today. IPL chairman Brajesh Patel said that IPL 20202 will start in the UAE from 19 September and its final will be played on 8 November. The IPL Governing Council will meet next week to finalize and approve the program. If seen, the biggest problem for the BCCI due to being in the UAE is about logistics.

If sources in the Times of India are to be believed, the franchisees have told the BCCI that it will take at least 3 weeks to gather the players, while if all goes well, teams will have to reach UAE by mid-August. Most of the players have not played cricket for the last about 6 months and they will have very little time to prepare for the tournament.

So it will be difficult

Sources said that India would need 1200 air flight clearances when the tournament is held in the UAE. There will be 400 to 500 people including 200 cricketers, match officials, umpires and other officials who will have to reach the UAE. In such a situation, not only will the approval of the government of India and the UAE be required, but also the approval of the cricketers, umpires and the countries of the match official. Gathering everyone at one location and then taking them to UAE, how to complete this plan? It will be a thing to see

There is still a need to plan a lot for IPL: WilliamsonThere is still a need to plan a lot for IPL: Williamson

IPA-2009 and 2014 (in part) were out of the country. Never before in cricket history. Sources say, 'In any country no tournament has ever shifted to any other country at the last minute. India did this in 2009. Now this can happen due to this epidemic. Old experience will be used in this. Let us see how it will happen. '

Charismatic decision of england

On the one hand, where cricket is closed all over the world, on the other hand the England Cricket Board has taken a charismatic decision and called the West Indies and started the Test series in this corona epidemic. After this he will have a bilateral series with Pakistan. Let the state of the IPL become possible after the International Cricket Council's (ICC) decision to postpone the T20 World Cup to be held in October-November.

How did the 2014 England tour change, Virat Kohli toldHow did the 2014 England tour change, Virat Kohli told

Two stadiums in UAE and ICC academy under watch

There are three grounds available in UAE which are Dubai International Stadium, Sheikh Zayed Stadium (Abu Dhabi) and Sharjah Ground. It is learned that the BCCI will hire the ICC Academy ground to train the teams. The ICC Academy has two full-size cricket grounds, as well as 38 turf pitches, six indoor pitches, 5700 square feet of outdoor conditioning area with physiotherapy and medical centers.

According to the current health protocol in Dubai, if people are bringing their Covid-19test report negative, then they do not have to stay in the quarantine, but if it is not so, they will have to undergo investigation. There was speculation that the IPL would start on September 26 but the BCCI has decided to start it a week earlier so that the Indian team's Australian tour would not be affected.

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