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‘Lucifer’ actor Indrajit Sukumaran talked about his character ‘Sharif’ in ‘Halal Love Story’.

new Delhi: Amazon Prime Video has finally released the much awaited film ‘Halal Love Story’. It is a Malayalam comedy-drama, which revolves around an Islamic community in Kerala that has a love for the arts. The film stars Indrajit Sukumaran, Joju George, Parvati Thiruvothu, Sharaf U Dhen, Grace Antony and Souvin Shire in the lead roles. The film captured the eyeball as a lot of moments and the film’s scenes resonated well with the audience.

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Actor Indrajit Sukumaran, in a statement, told Beans about his character, relativity and more. The actor shared, “As a character, it is definitely very exciting. There is cinema and there is cinema inside cinema. “

Elaborating on his character, he said, “The character’s name is ‘Sharif’ and he is basically a bad actor so when considering the actors inside the cinema, he is probably the last among many. There are options, but they come back in ‘shop’. ‘And he gets cast as the lead in this film, so there’s a thin line because these are the parts where Shaff performs inside the film and he is a Not a good actor, so he has to be bad while performing. “

Speaking on his experience of almost two decades, Inderjit said, “You know from my experience in the last 18 years, when you get a character that you do to make you good, you are hard to make it good. Let’s work hard. But, then it was not possible here. It was all about portraying it as bad as you. But, then there was confusion among everyone as to how far one could go because inside cinema there are excerpts from how much ‘Sharif’ could perform and to what level we could go. It should not be artificial at the same time as it should be natural, naturally bad is what I would like to say. “

Ending the challenges he faced while portraying Sharif’s character, Indrajit said, “So on that note it was very challenging and we had our own discussions and we had different scenes with the same scene. Many times. We used to look at those people and decide what work to do. So as an actor it was a very challenging process to talk about a lot and on different lines Giving different time and deciding on what to put on. Very interesting on that note from ‘Sharif’.

The film is directed by Zakaria Mohammed and directed by Aashiq Abu, Harshad Ali, and Jessna Ashim. It is available to all Principal Members in over 200 countries and territories.

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