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Meghna Gulzar: does not want to show her ideology on JNU: Meghna Gulzar – meghna gulzar talks about her film chhapaak

Meghna Gulzar: does not want to show her ideology on JNU: Meghna Gulzar – meghna gulzar talks about her film chhapaak

Sensitive directors of films like ‘Talwar’ and ‘Raji’ Meghna Gulzar Your film ‘Splash’Are in discussion about In a special meeting with Meghna, he openly discussed the current situation of the film and society:

When did the idea of ​​telling the story of acid Victim Survivor Lakshmi come to your mind?

I wrote this story in 2012. When I was looking for the subject after ‘Talwar’, it was on my mind that something should be taken from society and everyday events. Even at that time, there were reports of acid attacks at a very fast pace, so at that time also I noticed that this thing is prevalent in our society. It is happening again and again. It is constantly happening, I thought everyone knew, but who would put light on it?

What was your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge while writing was that my character should not feel poor, because Lakshmi is not poor. This accident happens with him. She breaks down, disintegrates, then covers herself and stands up. It was necessary to bring that emotion. The second challenge was that I felt that if I am bringing a film on this subject and want people to see, then I should show the film so that people do not close their eyes. Make it in such a way that people are shocked, shocked, do not turn their face.

Will there be any difference in the status of acid Victim Survivors after ‘Chhapak’?

If I want change, people are forced to think. Apparently, the film is made with the same purpose. But many times you ask for your vow in the heart, do not express it with Juban, because you are afraid that if it is left incomplete, then my condition is the same at this time. I do not want to bring the vow of the heart to Jubban.

Video: Listen, movie review of 'Chhapak'Video: Listen, movie review of ‘Chhapak’

Was Deepika your first choice for Lakshmi’s role or someone else?

When writing a script, the artist starts moving about that character in your mind. I saw earlier pictures of Laxmi’s acid attack. I know what she looked like, I know what Lakshmi looks like right now? The resemblance was the highest from Deepika. My starting point is to cast my film. Match the character of the character with the character. Who could play the character of 19-year-old Kashmiri girl other than Alia in ‘Raazi’? Casting is very important and when performed, you expect a certain type of performance in the film. There was no one other than Deepika in my mind for this role.

Have you ever felt inferior as a woman?

I consider myself lucky, this has never happened to me. Perhaps one reason for this is that I do not put myself in such circumstances.

Public Review: How did people feel Deepika's 'Chhapak'
Public Review: How did people feel Deepika’s ‘Chhapak’

Apart from acid attack, what other women-oriented issues should be discussed openly?

It is not just about women’s issues. If we look at the whole society, we will find that the character of our society is not as clear as it was a few years ago. It is wrong to divide the issues on the basis of gender. We are struggling on many issues. The time before dawn breaks is darkest at that time, so at this time I am watching like this. I hope the morning is about to happen.

What would you like to say on JNU?

As I said, our entire country is grappling with many issues right now. I would not like to express my opinion on any particular philosophy. I do not show my ideology to everyone. I try to show my work to him. But I care about my country. It is said that the veins do not hurt, so the veins are suffering at this time. They need a little ointment.

Official trailer of Deepika Padukone's film Chhapak
Official trailer of Deepika Padukone’s film Chhapak


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