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#MeToo: Dimple Paul shares experience with Sajid Khan, ‘Farah Khan should help his brother, one year ban is not for him’

new Delhi: Model Dimple Paul opened several tongues when he accused filmmaker Sajid Khan of sexual harassment. She alleged that Sajid asked her to strip in front of him 10 years ago to play a role in his film Housefull. The model has now shared a video on her official Instagram to narrate her terrible experience with the director of ‘Hey Baby’. She also revealed why she opted for her #MeToo story several years later.

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“I was reevaluating my life during the lockdown and realized that when I started my career with the same spectacle and all these things happened to me, I wouldn’t be on any big banner for the next three to four years. Gone, thinking that everyone is the same. I wasted so many years of my life. I went through that stress, so how could I speak about it? “, Dimple said.

The model said that she wanted to tell her story because many people want to enter the Hindi film industry and they should know about people like Sajid Khan.

“Besides, my mother was conservative. She never wanted me to come into the industry. If I told him about my first horrific encounter with him (Sajid Khan), he would never let me enter Bollywood. Therefore, I was protecting myself at that time. And, I’m sorry, I think I did something wrong. I did not speak at that time. My mother died last year, my father is no more; I don’t think I’m afraid of anything. I just wanted to speak my story because a lot of people want to come to Bollywood. They should know that some proverbs like them exist, “Dimple, known as Paul, has said in his video.

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Dimple also reacted strongly to Trolls, who asked him about the evidence after making serious allegations.

“Tell me one thing. If someone is molested, especially at an audition at someone’s house; first of all there should not be an audition at home, then I had no guidance. If a girl goes to an audition, Does she take a camera with her? ”She said.

Dimple shared her post with the caption, “#punishsajidkhan #arrestsajidkhan My little initiative for new girls coming into the industry. I hope this helps, let’s clean up the trash!”

Watch her full video!

IFTDA suspended filmmaker Sajid Khan for a year on complaints of sexual harassment against him. Dimple said a one-year ban is not enough and should be punished. He said that his sister Farah Khan should help him.

“He got just one year’s ban from the industry. If you molest so many girls, that’s what you get. I thought I was a victim 10 years ago, when I happened to be when I didn’t have other people’s stories. Suni. Now, let me realize that Sajid Khan is suffering. I think Farah Khan should help her brother because she is ill in his hands. We girls are not victims, Sajid Khan is enough. One year ban is enough. Is not. He should be punished, “she said. .

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For rude, several women including Rachel White, Saloni Chopra have accused Sajid Khan of sexual misconduct. After making serious allegations against him, Sajid stepped into director Akshay Kumar’s ‘Housefull 4’.

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