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Microsoft will give competition to Google, Browser like Google Chrome

Microsoft will give competition to Google, Browser like Google Chrome

Software company Microsoft announced plans to switch its Edge browser to the new Chromium about a year ago and the company can now compete with Google. Microsoft has prepared a stable version of the upgraded browser, which will be available to users on both Windows and MacOS. The company’s program is targeted for enterprise users, but you can also download and start using Microsoft’s new browser. The structure of the new edge browser is substantially Google Chrome The browser is similar and its interface is also made smooth and smooth. Also, the option to synchronize favorites, settings, addresses and passwords with other devices is also given in it. Also, all Chrome extensions can also be installed in Microsoft’s new browser. Users can also get the option to sync extensions and history by the end of the year.

Users will get many new features

Some improvements have also been seen in new edge browsers like Chrome. One of the new features found in this browser is ‘Collections’, with the help of this feature, users can collect images from the web and the rest of the content group, and later this content can be exported to a Word or Excel file. . Also, 4K Netflix streaming will be provided in this browser along with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. Apart from this, built-in tracking protection has been provided in the browser, which users who prefer privacy will surely like.

Will be able to customize the layout

Currently, there are three different tracking prevention modes in the browser – Basic, Balanced and Strict. Basic mode blocks dangerous trackers, in balanced mode, trackers of sites that the user did not visit. Similarly, trackers of all websites are blocked in strict blocks. The new browser also has an Internet Explorer mode, in which businesses will be able to open their legacy IE compatible websites easily. In addition, the option of customization has also been given to users for the new tab page layout.

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