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‘Middle Class Melodies’ Review: Leaves You In A Happy Space

new Delhi: At first you would think that Vijay Devarkonda had dubbed for him. Anand Devarkonda sounds very much like his superstar brother, blaming it on genetics more than anything else. For all other practical purposes, according to what you are seeing here, Anand Vijay focuses on carving in a very different place from the Devarakonda trademark.

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Middle class melodies – don’t go by the title – are not a musical, nor is there any reference to melody. The title is used to convey a sense of humiliation regularly in life. For a more direct effect, perhaps, middle-class chutney (or middle-class flavors?) Might seem more appropriate, considering the film a Bombay chutney, and a young man’s passion for fulfilling his dreams Is a comedy-drama. To set up a restaurant.

Anand Devarakonda plays Raghav, a bowhead who enjoys perfect Bombay chutney. While his nature seems to be an inheritance of his father (Goparaju Ramana), Raghav took the nitty-gritty of preparing his special dish from his mother (Surabhi Prabhavati). He dreams of opening a tiffin center from where he can sell his chutney, and he hopes that his Bombay chutney will one day make him famous and his hometown Guntur proud.

Vinod Anantoju’s film is narrated with just and enough humor, giving a clear message about the importance of chasing one’s dreams. Writer Janardhan Pasumanthi’s focus is primarily on establishing a feel-good experience for the audience, and more.

For that reason, the film never really had much to tell in the story and to pull in part. Anantoju, Pasumarthi, and company come up with interesting characters and situations that maintain a feel-good mood all through.

In turn, interesting characters translate to good performances. Anand Devarakonda is clearly not a cut-out for big-to-outsider life, but he impresses as the guy next door with a big dream. With roles written around realism and authentic customs, this is a good time for Anand to work as a brilliant young actor. Varsha Bolamma seems fit for her role of Sandhya, while most of the cast are good enough. Goparaju Raman as Raghav’s father is really impressive.

Middle class melody leaves you in a happy place, never mind the lack of film.

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